iTunes - How to place an icon in the system tray

iTunes – How to place an icon in the system tray

Not all software is automatically added to the computer system tray right after installation, and iTunes is no exception. Putting iTunes on the system tray will help you make the job easier.

iTunes is not only entertainment software that allows you to watch Videos, Audio with different formats but also the best music management tool. Especially if you are an Apple follower, you can not ignore this utility, because this is a utility for managing files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on your computer.

How to put iTunes icon in the system tray

Step 1: Download and install iTunes. Download iTunes

Open the application and click the iTunes icon in the upper left corner of the screen ->Preferences (or use keystrokes Ctrl +, ).

Install itunes icon on the system tray

Step 2: Window Preferences Open, select Tab Advanced.

Check the box Show iTunes in System tray -> OK to save settings.


Check your system tray for an icon iTunes not yet!

So from now on, you will not have to bother opening iTunes in ways like searching in the Start Menu or turning off other open software to access the utility with icons on the Desktop. Open the utility while still using other software.

In addition to iTunes, you can search and download music copying software to other iPhones at


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