iTunes – Troubleshoot not connecting to iTunes Store

The iTunes Store function is available on the iTunes music management and listening software that allows users to search and download songs available on the Internet. However, recently many people wonder they cannot connect to this function, will help users to overcome this situation.

Since downloading or updating the latest version of iTunes, a lot of computers don’t understand why but iTunes doesn’t allow it to connect to the iTunes Store function. Although, users have done a lot of ways such as removing and reinstalling new versions, turning off anti-virus software on computers to avoid conflicts … but still cannot overcome. Cannot error connect to itunes store

Troubleshooting iTunes Store iTunes connection failure
Step 1: Download and install the latest version of Itunes here: Download iTunes

Make sure you are using the latest version of itunes then open iTunes, click on the icon in the top left corner of the utility ->Preferences (or use keystrokes Ctrl +,).

The connection cannot connect to the iTunes store

Step 2: Dialog box Preferences appears, select Tab Parental

Checked items iTunes Store If there is a mark then uncheck it.

Click OK, got it to save settings.

Download itunes

Error handling configuration Cannot connect to itunes store, Cannot connect to itunes store

Done, users turn off iTunes and restart, iTunes Store function will work normally, search and download the latest songs to copy music to iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices. Surely iOS users can not help but know of two good software or very good iOS support that is Download iTools and CopyTrans Manager, this is an application that helps sync, connect, copy data from your phone to your computer quite popular, note that if you want to use iTools, your computer must have iTunes first, if you do not need to install Additional new use.

Note: To avoid errors, users should regularly download the latest version of iTunes or use versions such as iTunes, iTunes, iTunes …

Error of Itunes inaccessibility on March 11, 12, 2015:

Some people think that this error has just been updated to IOS 8.2 but it is not. If you use Itunes and some of Apple’s other services on this day, you do not need to handle anything on your phone or computer because this is an error of Apple’s domain name resolution system so most people Used all over the world.

In this case, you just need to wait for Apple to fix it and then you can access it normally, see: Error of unreachable apple itunes on 11/03/2105


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