Keyboard shortcut into Dell Laptop Option

Keyboard shortcut into Dell Laptop Option

You do not know the shortcut to Boot Dell Laptop Option? You are learning to know which shortcut to use in case you need Boot Option to reinstall Windows, or which shortcut to use in the BIOS in case you need to reset some options on the main. Please refer to the sharing post below for the answer.

Use the keyboard shortcut to the Dell Laptop Option Boot in case you want to reinstall Windows, then you will select the device containing the installation kit, maybe a USB drive, a CD / DVD drive to perform the boot. In case you need to see the computer configuration, or access to the settings in the BIOS, you will use the shortcut to the BIOS to use in this case.

Use keyboard shortcuts to Boot Option, Dell Laptop BIOS

Shortcuts to Boot Option, BIOS Laptop Dell

Recalling a bit about the function key Fn. On a Dell laptop, the key is Fn + F1 Use to mute, key Fn + F2 is to reduce the sound, Fn + F3 is to increase the sound … In general, there will be icon icons on the word keys F1 come F12, if you want to use any feature, just press the use of a function key combination Fn with that key is okay.

Refer, learn more about enabling, turn off the FN function key here.

Movie on boot option dell laptop

The picture above is a DELL XPS 12/13 13R laptop keyboard

1. Shortcut to Boot Option Dell laptop

You press the key F12 to enter Boot Option.

2. Shortcut into Dell laptop BIOS

You press, hold the shortcut F2 to enter the BIOS.
Above is an introduction article shortcut to the Dell Laptop Option Boot, go to the Dell BIOS for your reference and use in case of need. If you use Asus laptop, you refer shortcut to Asus Laptop Boot Option here.


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