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Keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint 2016


Using PowerPoint 2016 keyboard shortcuts will help you edit and present on your slides faster, professionally and save more time. With PowerPoint 2016, there are quite a lot of shortcuts, it will be very convenient if you know and know these PowerPoint hotkeys.

You probably know that every program or software supports keyboard shortcuts so that users can use it to make operations faster and more convenient. And with PowerPoint 2016 in the Microsoft Office suite too, you can use these keyboard shortcuts on PowerPoint to quickly edit and present slides.

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Hotkeys on PowerPoint

Keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint 2016

1. Common PowerPoint shortcuts

Below is a list of common keyboard shortcuts that help you open, close, and switch between slideshows or can be used to navigate the PowerPoint Ribbon.

Ctrl + N: Create a new presentation

Ctrl + O: Open existing presentation

Ctrl + S: Save the presentation

F12 or Alt + F2: Opens the Save As dialog box

Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4: Close the presentation

Ctrl + Q: Save and close presentations

Ctrl + Z: Undo an action

Ctrl + Y: Redo an action

Ctrl + F2: Print preview mode

F1: Open Help to see help

Alt + Q: Go to the “Tell me what you want to do” box

F7: Spell check

Alt or F10: Turn on or off keyboard shortcuts for the Ribbon

Ctrl + F1: Display or hide the Ribbon

Ctrl + F: Search for a presentation or use Find and Replace

Alt + F: Open the File tab menu

Alt + H: Go to the Home tab

Alt + N: Open the Insert tab

Alt + G: Open the Design tab

Alt + K: Go to the Transitions tab

Alt + A: Go to the Animations tab

Alt + S: Go to the Slide Show tab

Alt + R: Go to the Review tab

Alt + W: Go to the View tab

Alt + X: Go to the Add-ins tab

Alt + Y: Go to the Help tab

Ctrl + Tab: Switch between open presentations

Ctrl + P: Perform Print Slide (Print)

2. PowerPoint shortcut keys for editing

Keyboard shortcuts help navigate text, objects, and slides

Ctrl + A: Lets select all text, select all objects on a slide or all slides

Tab: Allow to select, move to the next object on a slide

Home or Hold down both left and right mouse buttons for two seconds: Lets move to the first slide or in a text box, go to the beginning of the line.

End: Enables moving to the last slide or in a text box going to the end of the line.

PgDn, use the key Space, N key, right arrow key, down arrow key, Enter key or click: Lets go to the next slide.

PgUp, use the key Back Space, P key, up arrow key, left arrow key: Allows moving to the previous slide.

Ctrl + Up arrow / down arrow: Allow to move a slide up or down in the presentation (Click on the first slide thumbnail).

Ctrl + Shift + Up arrow / down arrow: Lets move a slide to the top or bottom of the presentation (Click on the first slide thumbnail).

Enter the number then press Enter: Lets return to the page bearing that number

Format shortcuts and editing

Here are keyboard shortcuts to help you save time when editing and formatting in PowerPoint

Ctrl + X: Lets cut the text, object or slide you choose

Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert: Allow copying the selected text or object or slides.

Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert: Lets paste the selected text, object or slide.

Ctrl + Alt + V: Lets open the Paste Special dialog box

Delete: Allow deleting selected text, object or slide

Ctrl + B: Allow highlighting or un-highlighting selected text

Ctrl + I: Allow Italicize or remove italicize selected text

Ctrl + U: Underline or underline selected text

Ctrl + E: Used to center a paragraph

Ctrl + J: Used to align a paragraph

Ctrl + L: Used to left paragraph a paragraph

Ctrl + R: Used to align a paragraph

Ctrl + T: Open the Font dialog box when you select text or objects

Alt + W, Q: Opens the Zoom dialog box when you want to zoom in or out of the slide

Alt + N, P: Used to insert photos

Alt + H, S, H: Used to insert picture

Alt + H, L: Use to select slide layout

Ctrl + K: Used to insert hyperlink

Ctrl + M: Used to insert a new slide

Ctrl + D: Used to duplicate selected object or slide

Ctrl + Backspace: Lets delete a word in front

Ctrl + Delete: Lets delete a word at the back

Ctrl + Shift +>or Ctrl +] : Increase the font size

Ctrl + Shift + or Ctrl +[[: Decrease the font size

3. PowerPoint shortcuts used when presenting

F5: Start slideshow

B or dot key (.): Allow to change the screen to black during a slideshow, press B again to return to the slideshow.

W key or comma key (,): Used to whiten the screen or return to the projection screen

Shift + F5: Start a slideshow from the current slide (this shortcut should be used when you want to check how the current slide is displayed).

Ctrl + P: Annotate with the Pen tool during the slideshow

N or Page Down: Lets go to the next slide while you show

P or Page Up: Allows you to return to the previous slide while you play it

Ecs or keys – : Used to end the slideshow

Shift + F9: Use to turn on / off gridlines in slides

S or + : Used to turn on / off the auto show mode.

Above are the Keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint 2016 You should remember to use when editing presentation content and use when making slide shows. When you remember the keyboard shortcuts and use them for use, it will definitely help you shorten the time to do so much more than you use the keyboard and mouse when working with PowerPoint.
In addition, if the content you drafted is actually in Word first and then copied – pasted into PowerPoint later, you should use the keyboard shortcuts in Word which has shared for quick editing on Word. Good luck!



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