Kill Ransomware, remove blackmail virus, demand ransom

Ransomware is one of the major threats of online payment users. In this article we will guide you to remove ransomware, remove ransom viruses, and demand ransom.

Many computer users today are not aware of the dangers of ransomware. Accordingly, this virus will penetrate into the computer, then make online payment requests via your bank card, most recently, the Petya Ransomware malware is one of such viruses, after the incident. WannaCry malware seems to subside, when Petya Ransomware reappears making users confused again about their data, so please equip yourself with an anti-virus software, protect your computer first. The dangers are always lurking. Refer to how to remove ransomeware, remove extortion virus, ransom by following steps.

Kill Ransomware, remove blackmail virus, demand ransom

First you need to determine which data is important on the computer. Then proceed to back up these data automatically. Online storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, iCloud will help you do this.

Always use software to protect the system, capable of fighting viruses, malicious code. Some of the names we recommend are AVG, Avira, Bit Defender. These software are distributed free versions for you to use.

In case your computer has been infected with ransomware, you can use the installed anti-virus software to scan. Currently most anti-virus software is equipped with ransomeware scanning. Even BKAV too, please refer to the way kill the ransom virus with BKAV that we have provided.

So has just introduced you how to remove ransomware, remove ransom viruses, demand ransom. In summary, there are 3 things you need to do: Back up important data, use antivirus software, and scan for viruses when you suspect your computer has ransomware, please refer to Top 5 free antivirus software 2015 For more details.


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