KMPlayer - Delete, block ads on KMPlayer

KMPlayer – Delete, block ads on KMPlayer

Recently, new versions of KMPlayer come with ads, which is annoying for users because both occupying an area and it takes you to turn off and block this ad. will guide you to turn off these ads completely when starting KMPlayer.

KMPlayer is the best music and entertainment software today. Recently, new versions of KMPlayer come with ads for the most viewed videos on the Internet. It will take a lot of time if you have to turn off these ads, even if they still watch videos, they will consume too much viewing space.

In the previous article, taught you how to turn off the computer automatically, in this article, you will learn one more trick to block ads on KMPlayer.

How to remove ads on KMPlayer

Step 1: Open the Host file with Notepad (you can refer to the article to edit the Host file).

Step 2: Add the address line at the end of the Host file and save it

Remove optical image on kmplayer

Step 3: Restart KMPlayer

KMPlayer without advertising off


KMPlayer has disabled ads

Once you’ve done all of the above, you can use KMPlayer to watch and listen to music like before without having any trouble from annoying ads.


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