KuaiZip compression software user guide

To save the amount of computer memory, there are quite a lot of file compression tools that do this. But to get the maximum size of the compressed file, the KuaiZip software is one of the tools not to be missed.

In the previous article I showed you how to install the KuaiZip file compression software. So in this article I want to give more specific instructions on how to use this software. Maybe some of you already know how to use KuaiZip software but I still want to give detailed instructions for those who do not know how to use this software.

KuaiZip compression software user guide

Step 1: After installing KuaiZip software, you will see an interface like the one below

Step 2: To compress any file using KuaiZip, open that folder

Step 3: Right click and choose Add to archive to adjust the settings.

Step 4: Then the dialog box Archive name and parameters appear.

Archive name: You can change the output file name

Archive format: You will choose the output format here

Then click OK, got it

Step 5: In addition to compressing the file you can proceed to extract by KuaiZip

Step 6: Similarly, right click and select Extract files

Step 7: Here you customize the mode and select OK to extract the file

Using KuaiZip file compression as well as quite convenient decompression. Moreover, this is a free software, you can compress the file size to a minimum, much better than the decompression software you are using. For those who do not regularly follow the articles of taimienphi.vn, you can refer to the article How to install the KuaiZip file compression software to use the software better.



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