Laptop catch weak Wifi how to handle?

Laptop catch weak Wifi how to handle?

The situation of how a laptop catches weak Wifi is a question many people sent to Taimienphi to answer, in this article, we will point out the common causes that make your laptop catch wifi weak or impossible. catch wifi signal and specific solutions for each case.

There are many reasons why your laptop’s poor connection makes users feel uncomfortable. However, after researching, Taimienphi realized that two main reasons were due to errors from the Router – the Wifi broadcasting device or the main problem from your laptop. To answer the question: Laptop catch weak Wifi how to handle? Then you need to know the laptop catches weak Wifi by what cause by comparing with the list of cases that we have summarized below.

Laptop catch weak Wifi how to handle?

Fix laptop catch weak wifi due to Router

Router – Wifi broadcast equipment, often referred to briefly as Wifi. This is a broadcast tool, supporting wireless devices connected to the network. In case this device has a problem, surely wireless devices connected to it such as laptops, tablet phones, etc. will be difficult to access the network.

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Case 1: Wifi laptop cannot catch waves due to too many obstructions

Theoretically, a Router can broadcast Wifi within a radius of 30 m on all sides without any obstructions. However, in the real world, the router’s coverage will be much less.

To ensure the router works well, broadcast smoothly to devices, you should install in an open location and have few obstructions. In addition, you should not place the Router next to metal objects or other electronic devices such as refrigerators, TVs, microwaves, etc., which will cause interference and affect the quality of the road. transfer to Laptop

Case 2: Laptop does not catch the signal due to setting Wifi too far

If your laptop is too far away, even if you remove all of the obstacles, but still cannot catch Wifi signal, what to do? This is often the case in high-rise buildings where many people use the network at the same time.

The solution now is to install a Wifi router near you to get a better signal. However, if you can not install due to complicated wiring, there is another solution is to use WiFi Repeater (also known as a stimulator). This device will mediate reception of signals from the main router and broadcast back to your laptop with more strength.

Case 3: Laptop cannot catch Wifi signal due to overload operation

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Like many other electronic devices, after a long time of use, the quality will be reduced. Especially in the case of continuous router must operate with high frequency will cause the device to heat up, affecting network signals.

The quickest and simplest solution now is to reboot or temporarily turn off the device for about 2 minutes.

Case 4: Laptop does not catch weak WiFi due to poor bandwidth

Each Router device is set to connect with a limited number of devices. With home routers, this number ranges from 4 to 6 connected devices at a time. Also when a device downloads movies or large files will also take up bandwidth and slow down the network speed of other devices.

In this case, you can upgrade the bandwidth by using a Router that can connect with more devices or upgrade the network package that you are using. In addition, if you suspect a user steals your home’s wifi, proceed to change the wifi password with harder passwords to disconnect devices using the wifi.

Fix laptop catch weak Wifi due to Laptop

If you have checked all the above reasons and still catch poor wifi or can’t catch the wifi, the reason is probably your laptop.

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Case 1: The laptop cannot find the name of the Wifi router

This is due to the fact that the device on your computer and the router on the router work in different signal bands. To fix this, you need to reconfigure the settings on the computer and the Router.

Case 2: Laptop cannot connect to Router, Wifi icon is crossed out

If you see a crossed-out Wifi icon in the bottom right corner of the lap top screen, then it is likely that your device has a Driver Wireless error. Now you find the appropriate driver and installed for the laptop to be able to receive Wifi signal as usual.

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If you do not know which Wireless Driver is right for your device, please download and use the support tool is Easy DriverPack. This software will automatically find and update the latest Wireless Driver for you without using the Internet.

– Download Easy DriverPack software here: Download Easy DriverPack

Case 3: Laptop cannot catch Wife wave and shows Limited message

This is a notification because the Router device is blocking the connection to your computer or the number of access devices is too much beyond the support capabilities of the Router. Similar to how to fix when the bandwidth is occupied, you can buy an additional router to allow more devices to connect or go to the router’s settings to see if your computer is blocked or not. is not.

So with the question: “Laptop catch weak Wifi how to handle? Taimienphi has pointed out two main causes of the situation where a laptop catches Wifi poorly or cannot catch Wifi and also specific solutions. Hopefully, following the guidelines in this article will help your laptop connect to the network more stable and smoother. Good luck!


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