Laptop does not have LAN port, how to connect to wired network

Laptop does not have LAN port, how to connect to wired network

Some readers sent questions to to ask about the Laptop does not have a LAN port, how to connect to the wired network? To answer this question, we invite readers to find out the problem and how to connect the network as soon as the computer, laptop does not have LAN port or LAN port is broken.

With laptops, in addition to using the network via LAN port, users can also connect to the Internet through a Wifi connection. However, sometimes users need to use an Ethernet connection (wired) to optimize the game, or simply share files and data between computers in the LAN faster, the LAN port is broken or Laptops don’t have LAN ports will be more or less difficult for you. However, there is a way to handle it, and you will still be able to connect to a wired network through a converter device that costs little to own.

Wired network connection when laptop doesn’t have LAN port

How to connect the wired network when the laptop does not have a LAN port

There are many ways to solve the case of computers, laptops without LAN ports can still connect to a wired network via a USB-to-LAN converter.

1. Use the Dock Station to connect to a laptop using a USB port

This way, you will have to buy one Dock Station to connect to laptops via USB. When this device connects to your laptop, you will be adding 4 additional USB 2.0 ports, plus 1 Ethernet port, 1 DVI port and 1 HDMI port.

With the addition of an additional Ethernet port, of course you will use it to plug the network and use it normally.

laptop does not bend, how can it be connected to here 2

Currently, the price of the Dock Station is quite expensive, about 99 USB, if you do not have the condition or do not really need this device, please refer to the next solution in part 2 below.

2. Use a standard 2.0 USB-to-Ethernet converter cable

This is an inexpensive and compact solution, but the effect is extremely good for you. Currently USB to LAN converter 2.0 has many types with enough price set by manufacturers. laptop does not bend, how can it be connected to here 3

This device is currently compatible with most operating systems such as Windows, MAC, Linux and runs well on models such as Chromebook, Surface Pro, Android smartphones and tablets.

If the device does not automatically recognize the driver when plugged into the laptop, you will have to install the USB to Lan cable adapter driver to use a stable network cable then the laptop will receive the conversion device, then you will need to plug in the network cable. use to be. You can install the driver with the included disc if the converter you bought has the included disc. Or you can download the driver on the network from another computer, but note that you need to download the correct driver for that device and must match the operating system you are using.

After installing the driver, the new device has been recognized by the laptop, you just plug the LAN cable into the USB to LAN conversion cable, you will notice a “click” when plugging in the network cable, and the cable light switch Red means you have successfully connected the network.

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3. Use a standard USB-to-Ethernet converter cable 3.0

If you increase the transfer speed, you can choose USB to LAN 3.0 standard with the cost will be higher (about 400,000 dong). This device is new, so it will be limited in terms of platform because it does not support gaming consoles, computers, some old standard laptops …

The laptop won't work, how can I connect it here 5

Using standard USB-to-Ethernet 3.0 is as simple as 2.0! You will plug in the laptop to the device to receive the device. If the device is not recognized, you may need to install additional drivers for the device to work.

Also, by default, Windows will prioritize Ethernet connections first and then Wi-Fi connections, but if your computer does not do so, follow these instructions:

Right-click the network icon in the system tray -> select Open Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter Settings, then press the key Alt to show the hidden menu, then continue to choose Advanced -> Advanced settings.

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In Connections, you make the part Local Area Connection first and then the connection Wireless Network Connection so that the network connection is done in the correct order. This way, you can apply to both computers if unfortunately broken that port.

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So you already know the answer to the question Laptop does not have LAN port, how to connect to wired network Alright! Currently using a USB to LAN cable is more popular with the cost of owning it is not too expensive, so this is the appropriate solution for you to always have a stable wired connection even when the laptop is not available. LAN port.
Also, if the laptop does not recognize the wired network while the LAN port is not broken, then it is possible that the error is due to the Internet, due to the network card driver … Fix laptop not getting wired Here to perform inspection and processing offline!


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