Laptop model for students most suitable

Laptop model for students most suitable

Not only serving for study and research, students also often use laptops to listen to music, watch movies, browse the web, play games, make video calls, etc. The selection of laptops for students should be based on thorough analysis of user needs, personal preferences and financial capacity. Below are the most suitable Student Laptop Models in 2020 that you can refer to.

Laptop (laptop) is an indispensable learning and entertainment tool for pupils and students. The best laptops for students need to ensure the criteria of configuration, price, durability and convenience when traveling and studying.

Laptop model for students in 2020, experience in choosing the most suitable student laptop

In order to quickly find a laptop model that suits your needs, students and parents need to refer to the best laptop models for students according to’s suggestion.

The best Laptop model for students in 2020

Based on the analysis of demand, machine configuration and price, has compiled the most suitable student laptops for students in 2020, specifically as follows:

  • Asus Vivobook X507UF – EJ121Ti5 – 8250U
  • Dell Inspiron N3476 / i5-8250U
  • Asus Vivobook X507UF- EJ078T
  • HP Pavilion X360 11 – ad104TU
  • HP Pavilion X360 14 – cd1018TU
  • Acer Aspire A315 54 368N
  • Asus Vivobook S530UA-BQ072T
  • Dell Vostro 3468Core I3 – 7020U
  • Dell Inspiron N3576
  • Acer AsPrire A515-53-30QH

Read up to here, are you wondering why these laptops are on the list of laptops suitable for students in’s 2020? Here is the detailed answer for you.

1. Tips for choosing a laptop for students 2020

1.1. Determine the budget

Laptops with different specifications, brands, … will have different selling prices. Therefore, before choosing to buy a laptop, you need to determine the amount of willingness to pay for this laptop. This will help you easily choose the laptop line with the price that’s right for you.

Typically, laptop prices for students usually range from 6-20 million.

1. 2. Analyze student’s laptop usage needs

The first thing you need to do before choosing to buy a laptop for a student is to analyze the student’s need to use the laptop for study and entertainment. As follows:

Laptop for foreign language students, law, pedagogy, economics, marketing: Students studying these majors often use laptops to study documents, make slides, synthesize and analyze economic and financial data, …, so often require mid-range laptops , normal configuration.

Laptop for IT students: Students of technical disciplines will learn programming-related software such as Netbean, Xampp, …, laptops usually require mid to high-end configuration.

– Laptop for accounting and finance students: Processing data on Excel, Word spreadsheets or MiSa accounting software, Metadata is a necessary skill of accounting students. A mid-range computer, high memory capacity will be very suitable for students in this field.

– Laptop for graphic students: Design and architecture students often require a laptop with high configuration, large memory capacity, graphics card and must be compatible with the software Photoshop, illustrator, Autocad, Corel Draw, .. ., to store data, practice and perfect class assignments.

Laptop for mechanical students: During the course of study, students in mechanical engineering may need to install and use CAD drawing software, CNC programming software, etc. For this reason, a laptop for mechanical students Usually requires a mid-range configuration, with a graphics card and a large screen.

In addition to the curriculum, students usually use their laptops to browse the web, listen to music, watch movies, … These recreational activities consume quite a bit of memory, so they can be used with most laptops from low to high end. However, if you love games, online games or want to use a laptop to plow coins, make money online, students should choose a highly configurable laptop to handle.

Quick laptop for students in Nhat Nhat 2

Choose a laptop for students based on usage needs

1.3. Weight, screen size laptop

Typically, laptops are often used by students to practice, take notes of class lectures, group discussions with friends on campus, etc.So, a thin, light laptop, screen size On average from 15 inches to 17 inches, easily folded and stored in a backpack will be the optimal choice for you.

1.4. Select processor and RAM

Laptops should run on Intel and ADM processors to easily adapt to the basic software needed to study in the lecture hall. For students who specialize in graphics, to best serve their studies, you can choose the computers configured with Core I5, Core i7 or AMD A10.

Most current laptops are designed with 4G RAM. However, if you want your computer to run smoother and faster, you can install more RAM or choose models with 8G RAM.

1.5. Hard drive laptop

As a student, you will have a lot of data to store in your computer. It can be study materials, personal photos, movies, music, … Usually, laptop hard drives are usually designed with capacities ranging from 500GB to 2TB. If you only store and install basic software, a 500GB hard drive will be able to meet you. However, if you want to store more, you can choose a laptop with a higher capacity hard drive or use an external hard drive later.

1.6. Graphics card

Current laptops are often designed with integrated graphics or discrete graphics. If you are majoring in design, graphics or want a more immersive film and visual experience, you can choose computers with integrated graphics. Conversely, you can also choose models without integrated graphics.

1.7. The battery

Students need to use a laptop to bring the lecture hall to study for many consecutive lecture hours. At this point, a laptop with a healthy battery will bring many benefits. Popular laptop batteries are 3-cell, 6-cell or 9-cell battery.

2. The best laptop for students

2.1. Laptop for students Asus Vivobook X507UF – EJ121Ti5 – 8250U

If you are looking for a streamlined, affordable laptop for students, the Asus Vivobook X507UF is the optimal choice for you. The laptop is designed to be thin, light and suitable for class, discussion and practice.

Asus Vivobook X507UF laptop price ranges from 12,900,000 – 13,500,000

Configuration: CPU: Intel Core I5, Screen: 15.6 inch, Hard drive capacity: 1TB HDD, Ram: 4 GB, 2GB discrete graphics card, Weight 1.68kg

Quick laptop for students of Japan 3

2.2. Cheap student laptop Dell Inspiron N3476 / i5-8250U

Dell Inspiron N3476 / i5-8250U is a mid-range configuration laptop, very suitable for students. With a modern design, beautiful screen, with 2 GB discrete graphics, long battery life, the laptop is very suitable for students studying programming, finance, accounting, …

Currently, the price of Dell Inspiron N3476 / i5-8250U in stores ranges from 12,990,000 – 15,000,000.

Configuration: Intel Core I5-8250U processor, 2GB discrete graphics, 4G RAM, Screen: 14 inch 16: 9, 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, Hard drive: 1TB

Quick laptop for students of Japan 4

2.3. Laptop for students Asus Vivobook X507UF- EJ078T

For laptops for students, it’s hard to have a better choice than Asus Vivobook X507UF- EJ078T. With beautiful modern design, mid-range configuration, small weight, …, Asus Vivobook X507UF-EJ078T laptop will meet most of the needs of learning, entertainment, working of students.

Asus Vivobook X507UF-EJ078T laptop is being sold with prices ranging from 13,200,000 -14,100,000

Configuration: CPU: Intel Core i5-8250U, 4GB RAM, Screen: 15.6 icnh (1920 x 1080 resolution), 3 celll battery, weight 1.7kg

laptop for students hopefully 5

2.4. Laptop model for students HP Pavilion X360 11 – ad104TU

If you are looking for student laptops with mid-range configuration, low price, the HP Pavilion series is a great suggestion for you. Slim design, light weight with 11.6 inch screen, weight of 1.4kg, convenient to bring to school to study, discuss and study documents.

Currently, HP Pavilion Pavilion X360 11 – ad104TU laptop is being sold for about 13,000,000 VND

Configuration: CPU Core i3 – 8130U, 4G Ram, 11.6 inch HD screen, 500GB hard drive

laptop for students 6

2.5. Cheap student laptop HP Pavilion X360 14 – cd1018TU

High performance, good keyboard, durable, affordable are the top advantages of HP Pavilion X360 14 – cd1018TU computer series.

Currently, HP Pavilion X360 computers are being sold with prices ranging from 12,900,000 – 13,500,000

Configuration: Intel Core i3 CPU – 8145U, 4GB RAM, 1TB hard drive, 14inch screen, Graphics Card, …

Quick laptop for students, hop 7

In addition to the above laptops, you can also refer to cheap laptops, mid-range configuration for students such as Acer Aspire A315 54 368N, Asus Vivobook S530UA-BQ072T

Dell Vostro 3468Core I3 – 7020U, Dell Inspiron N3576, Acer AsPrire A515-53-30QH, …

Thus, has shared with you details of laptop models for students with mid-range configuration, thin, light, convenient when moving, … With the information in this article, hope the Students and parents have been able to choose for their children the most suitable laptop line. If your economy is 5 million or less, the students refer 4 million laptop for students here.

If you’re majoring in graphics but don’t have much money, you can refer to the samples Graphic design laptop Best price under 15 million. These are high-configuration, affordable laptops, compatible with most graphic design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Auto Cad, …


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