Latest AURA Fantasy Code

Developed based on Aurora Kingdom, AURA Fantasy is an idle beyond-map RPG with an artistic image interface, lots of free Code AURA Fantasy for readers and gamers after participating in the event activities of VNG.

Below Taimienphi will summarize some event content for players to receive Code AURA Fantasy Most easily, getting valuable resources to support the early stage of the game is essential for new players.

Code AURA Fantasy – Strategy game on map on Mobile

How to get Code AURA Fantasy

Event 1: Share news receive gifts
– Reward: Code AURA Fantasy
– Link to join: Events 1

Event 2: Vote App 5 stars
– Reward: Code AURA Fantasy 1 Million
– Link to join: Events 2

Event 3: Share Trailer
– Reward: Code AURA Fantasy 2 Million
– Link to join: Events 3

code aura fantasy 2

Join to receive Code AURA Fantasy at Fanpage or Group by following the link below
– Like & Share Fanpage get Code AURA Fantasy here.
– Join Group to receive Code AURA Fantasy here

Instructions for using Code AURA Fantasy code

AURA Fantasy has not been officially launched yet, so readers who own AURA Fantasy Code can not enter it yet, Taimienphi will update the latest information on how to enter Code AURA Fantasy as soon as they appear.

Launched on the same day as AURA Fantasy, Dragon Mark Mobile is a horizontal screen role-playing game developed based on the famous Dragon Quest comic series, readers interested in participating. Code game Dragon Mark Mobile Right here, wish you happy gaming.

Link download game AURA Fantasy
Hurry up to download and install the strategy game AURA Fantasy now, discover new areas designed extremely beautifully.
– Link to download Android version: AURA Fantasy for Android
– Download link for iOS version: AURA Fantasy for iPhone


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