Latest I Am the Mistress Code, Gift Code to receive Outfits, Recruit Vouchers

If you are looking to become a famous business entrepreneur, a well-known business owner, Ta La Madam is the best playground, where you can do everything you like to develop your brand. the richest man in the region. Don’t forget to enter I Am Madam to receive continuous rewards every day.

Your dream will come true as soon as you step in I Am the Mistress Mobile, a realistic historical business simulation role-playing game on Android and iOS phones. On the way to becoming a top trader, it is indispensable for the help of the latest free Codes of I Am the Boss.

1. Introducing the game I Am Madam Mobile

I Am Madam – A role-playing game that takes players to the Tang Dynasty, where you start from a little girl trying to develop a business, negotiate and invest to become the richest merchant, a legend in the world. The business world is well known.

2. Outstanding features of the game I Am Madam Mobile

– Free antique business simulation game on Android and iOS
– Rich plot, competitive bidding step by step to become a super boss
– Personalized Gia Vien system, freely setting up a small piece of heaven that belongs to you
– Hundreds of beautiful and delicate silk costumes for you to choose for walking around the city
– Can make friends, recruit talents to help you become a top trader.

Summary of the latest Code I Am Madam Mobile

3. Why must I enter the game Code I Am the Boss?

Countless attractive gifts are waiting for players after entering Code Ta Am Madam, beautiful costumes are something that any player should not miss. At the same time, after entering the game Code I Am the Boss, you will:
– Get Outfits
– Get a Recruit Voucher
– Receive the Order of Gathering the Nine Goods
– Receive Intimate Camouflage Bag
– Get Wishing Silver Coins
– Get Attribute Complete
– Receive a Big Intimate Gift Pack

4. The latest Code I Am the Boss

Currently the game is still in the process of development without Code Ta Am Madam Newbie, Taimienphi will update the article with the latest Gift Code Ta Am Madam to readers before the game officially launches, please come back later.

5. How to enter the Code I Am the Boss


6. How to get a new I Am the Boss Code
The opportunity to receive more GiftCode of other Ta Am Madam game when participating in minigames at the game’s official channels such as Appointment To Receive Gifts, Loan Tin To Receive Gifts or Share Trailer.
– Homepage I Am the Boss
– Facebook I Am the Boss
– Group I Am the Boss
– Website received CODE GAME is different.

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