Latest Mobile Concubine Academy Code, Gift Code to receive Diamonds

In order to prepare for a more complete journey to conquer the wider world, Taimienphi would like to summarize the entire Code of Concubine Academy Mobile as well as guide readers on how to use them, receive a super support gift.

Be the first player to fully collect the most powerful and super powerful 5-star Heroes with the latest Mobile Concubine Academy Code below, lots of valuable rewards for gamers for them to become the Excellent Tablet.

1. Introducing the game Conqueror Academy Mobile

The general strategy card game Ba Vuong Academy Mobile allows players to build a squad of 6 characters from more than 100 famous generals from Wei – Thuc – Ngo and 4 special factions. Players must use strategic skills to create extremely unique brainstorming battles, overcoming thousands of other opponents to become the hegemony of the world.

2. Outstanding features of the game Conqueror Academy Mobile

– Strategy game, multiverse manga on Mobile
– Gathering more than 100 heroes from 30+ hottest comic series today
– Unleash the creation of the squad, compare the tactics to overcome the formation
– Hang up leveling machine, get free VIP.
– Diverse features, unlimited activities
– Free 1000 spins, full benefits

Summary of the latest Code of Ba Vuong Mobile Academy

3. Why enter Game Code Confessor Academy Mobile?

As always, entering the Code of Concubine Academy Mobile is always a top priority for gamers because they allow players to receive rewards immediately without having to recharge, top up cards, play games or participate in activities. . The code that Mobile Concubine Academy brings
– Diamond
– Optional 5-star generals
– Premium Summon Ticket
– Equip 3 Star Cam
– Sacred Piece
– Yellow

4. Latest Mobile Concubine Academy Code List


– BD36219E8D5155
Taimienphi is updating the article with the latest Code of Ba Vuong Mobile Academy every day to readers, please save the article and come back often for more valuable gifts.

5. How to enter the Code of Concubine Academy Mobile


6. How to get a new Mobile Concubine Academy Code
Becoming a Hard Fan is an extremely attractive privilege at the official Mobile Concubine Academy Fanpage, players have the opportunity to receive a free GiftCode with unique rewards from attractive events.
– Homepage of Concubine Academy Mobile
– Facebook Fanpage of Ba Vuong Academy Mobile
– Group of Confederate Academy Mobile
– Website to receive other GAME CODE at

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