Latest Three Kingdoms Code

There are many ways for players to own the Three Kingdoms Code, receive valuable gifts from the FunTap publisher, the Three Kingdoms Code brings a lot of skill books, Gold Commands, Rising Stars, or the Spirit of the General. Players enhance the squad strength.

The Three Kingdoms is a general card strategy game product released by FunTap in the Vietnamese market on November 12, the player must focus on character growth, overcoming the frontier, the national team and the development of the power. Dear.

Strategy game card Three Kingdoms on mobile

1. How to get Code Three Kingdoms Code
2. How to use Code Three Kingdoms Code
3. Link to download the game Three Kingdoms

Code Three Kingdoms

– GiftCode Tan Thu: DTQTanThu

Common code:


How to get Code Three Kingdoms Code

Because this is a product of NPH FunTap, gamers can get the Three Kingdoms Code by visiting their GiftCode page. here. Each event gives the player a different set of Three Kingdom Codes.

code game by tam quoc

Or visit the Three Kingdoms Landing page and join the MiniGame event to receive Giftcode. Every day log in your account you will get 1 turn, spin and get the Three Kingdoms Code and many other rewards including:
– Demolition: 10k funcard card
– Phong Hoa: funcard card 50k
– Thuy Loi: GiftCode 100k
– Monopoly: GiftCode Fashion of Evil Eye Vi Vi 1
– Fairy Diaries: GiftCode Fashion of Evil Queen Vi 2
– Full Cavalry: GiftCode Evil Eye Fashion Vi Vi 3

giftcode by tam quoc

Instructions for using Code Three Kingdoms Code

Currently the game is in Alpha Test, the reader owns the Three Kingdoms Code spell that cannot be used yet. Taimienphi will guide you how to use the Three Kingdoms Code as soon as this feature is launched, so please pay attention to the article.

Bao Boi Academy was also launched in early November, the game has a relatively new Pokemon-style card game, receiving Code Conservatory Academy To make the experience easier and more convenient.

Link to download the game Three Kingdoms
The Three Kingdoms Game is developed exclusively for Android and iOS systems, you can download it by following the link below. Wish you happy reading game.
– Link to download Android version: Three Kingdoms for Android
– Download link for iOS version: Three Kingdoms for iPhone


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