Learn the dashboard (Dashboard) in WordPress

Learn the dashboard (Dashboard) in WordPress

Dashboard is the first screen that you see when logging into the blog admin area. To learn the dashboard (Dashboard) in WordPress, information related to the dashboard. Readers refer to the following article of Taimienphi.vn.

Dashboard in WordPress show an overview of the site, and serve as a collection of gadgets that provide information and an overview of what’s going on with your WordPress blog. You can use some quick links such as quick drafts, reply to the latest comments, … to customize your needs.

The dashboard is classified into the categories as in the image below.

find dashboard dashboard in wordpress 2

Learn the dashboard (Dashboard) in WordPress

To learn the dashboard (Dashboard) in WordPress, you first need to learn the classified items in the dashboard. Refer to the following article content.

Control panel menu

The WordPress dashboard provides a navigation menu, containing several menu options such as post, media library, pages, comments, plugins, users, tools and settings in the left pane.

Screen options

The dashboard contains a number of different widgets that can be displayed or hidden on some screens. Users can check the boxes to show or hide screen options, and allow users to customize the section on the Admin screen.

WordPress welcome screen

WordPress includes a Customize Your Site button that allows users to customize their WordPress theme. The center column provides some useful links such as creating a blog post, creating a page, and viewing the front end of the site. The last column contains links to widgets, menus, settings related to comments, comments, and links to the First Steps With WordPress page in WordPress Codex.

Quick Draft (quick draft)

Quick Draft is a small post editor that allows users to write, save and publish posts from the Admin console. It includes draft title, some notes and is saved as a draft.

WordPress News

The WordPress News widget displays the latest news such as the latest software version, updates, alerts, software news, etc. from the WordPress blog.


The Activity Widget includes the latest comments on your blog, recent posts and recently published posts. It allows you to approve, disapprove, reply, edit or delete a comment, or forward a comment to spam.

The article on Taimienphi.vn has just provided you with information about learning the dashboard (dashboard) in WordPress. When compared to Joomla, there can be quite a lot The difference between Joomla and WordPress although both are today’s leading open source for web design for many different fields.


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