Lesson 3 - Setting layers in Autocad

Lesson 3 – Setting layers in Autocad

In the previous lesson, Taimienphi.vn introduced you to important settings before drawing AutoCAD, including layer settings. To learn how to set up layers in AutoCAD, read along to the next article of Taimienphi.vn.

Layer are independent drawing layers that are stacked on top of each other to create an overall image. If working on large projects, the arrangement of objects in the layer is extremely important.

Refer to the following article to find out Set layer in Autocad How offline.

1. Use the layer in Autocad

– By using layers you can easily control the properties of a group of objects, stroke thickness, color and linetype (stroke style format in autocad).

– In addition, the layer also allows users to turn off objects or groups of objects on the screen and on the plot.

2. Create and set layers in Autocad

To create a layer in Autocad, click the icon Layer Properties.

Lesson 3 set the layer in autocad 2

On the popup window displayed on the screen, click the icon shown in the image below to create a new layer.

Lesson 3 set the layer in autocad 3

For each layer, you can customize the linetype, line thickness, transparency and Plot Style format.

After creating the layers, click to close the window.

Working with layers

To add and place an object in the layer, make sure that before you create the object, you have selected the layer for that object.

lesson 3 set the layer in autocad 4

For example, suppose that I wanted to draw a circle inside a named layer Small Circles Make sure the object layer is selected before drawing.

If you created an object with the wrong layer, you can place the created element in another layer.

Just select the object, select the layer you want to add to that object, then press ESC key.

The above article Taimienphi.vn has shown you how to set up layers in Autocad. After you have learned how to create and set up layers in Autocad, you can apply to add objects in the layer as in the example below.

Example 1:

Lesson 3 set the layer in autocad 5

Example 2:

lesson 3 set the layer in autocad 6

Next article, Taimienphi will guide the next Draw Line, Pline, Mline Command in Autocad Please.


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