Liên Liên Mobile – Benefits of Gladiator playing Assistant

Recently, many Union teams and individual players of Lien Quan Mobile have applied Gladiators to play the role of Assistant in bloom, appearing in many matches. And the fact shows that the effect that this method of fighting is not without.

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When changing from the Gladiator role to the role of Assistant, the combat nature of the formation in each battle of Mobile Alliance changed significantly. And this is also one of the tactics used by players to change the war towards defending and total attack.

1. Increase the resistance to the whole squad

Do you know the gladiator champions like Omarr, Thane or now Wonder Woman, Arduin and Omen are always more appreciated than Alice, Payna or Teemee for the ability to defend, as well as the speed of combat in the fight of yourself.

Increase stamina throughout the squad

Increasing the number of Assistants in the squad is one thing that makes sure the team has a better defensive barrier. Many people will support each other and greatly reduce the onslaught. In the situation where the game is prolonged when having more Assistants will be a great advantage of the squad when it is possible to maintain the fighting strength against the opponent.

However, it should be noted that not many assistants also increase the resistance in the beneficial direction. If there are too many defending players to fend off, it will make your squad stagnant and become entrenched.

2. Has the ability to flip the final game

This is completely understandable when the game lasts long. The opponent will be anxious to destroy the main house and most likely to show an opening. The fact that your team has many assistants will help the fence become thicker. It is essentially a defensive play with safety. But it is also the passive position of your team. It is important to master the fight and attack when necessary.

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Has the ability to flip the final game

The generals who have the role of Assistant like Wonder Woman or Omen can completely become a core-hero with the same strength as Gladiators, Gunners or wizards in your squad. If we make a comparison, of course, we always want to own an Omen full map rather than a full Teemee at the end of the game.

3. Strong in the ultimate

With Gladiators playing Assistant, you should not underestimate the ult of each champion. When changing the position, it seems that the power of the generals is changed because it may be due to tactical changes in the way up or the order of upgrading skills.

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Strong in the ultimate

The ultimate ability to make the most of its power in any champion will create unexpected effects, causing the opponent to not return. In general you need to level up your last skill strongly to make decisive moves, even turning any champion into the strongest champion in Mobile Alliance.
So it can be seen that changing from Gladiator to Assistant is a small change, related to the team strategy. In addition to playing Lien Quan Mobile game, you can also play League of Legends on your computer. League of Legends is a MOBA PC game also released by Garena in Vietnam. The game has a rich system of generals with many updated innovations.


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