Link 279 Facebook – Help Unlock accounts impersonating

Through Link 279 Facebook users will quickly contact the Board of Directors to verify personal information, regain their social network accounts in the shortest time in case you are trying to play by other users. bad, report using impersonation account.

Even though you are the main user, your personal Facebook account may still be temporarily locked if someone tries to misbehave, Report impersonation. To unlock your account, you need to send your personal information to Facebook’s administrators to prove ownership.

Like the series of articles about link 641, Link 333, Link 339 has done, today Taimienphi will continue to you Link 279 help unlock Facebook impersonation quickly.

Unlock accounts impersonating with Link 279 Facebook

Link 279 is another way of calling, more concise by taking 3 digits of – a link to support users to verify personal information, unlock accounts that have been reported impersonation. Detailed tips instructions will be presented by Taimienphi in the following content.

How to unlock an account impersonating with Link 279 Facebook

Requires preparation to unlock account

– Fake IP to Thailand (If you do not know how to do it, you can refer to and perform the same procedure Fake IP Hungary here)
– Change language to Simplified Chinese
– A clear picture of identification (ID card, driver’s license, ID card, …)
– Patiently wait and do it multiple times

Steps to unlock account by link 279 Facebook

Step 1: You open the browser and access to Link 279 through the link Here.
Step 2: Next, you fill in the correct information in the corresponding boxes;

– Line 1 : Enter your real Name;
– Line 2 : Enter your real Last Name;
– Line 3 邮箱 或 手机 号: Enter the email or phone number you used to sign up for Facebook
– Line 4 出生 日期: Enter your birthday, click the + sign and enter the order, year, month and day respectively.
– Line 5 您 的 身份证 件: Here you click the button Choose File below and download the prepared photo ID.

link 279 facebook help unlocking the lucky phone 2

Step 3: Scroll down the screen, you will see the box 附加 信息 (Additional information). Here you enter the following content to be more responsive Facebook.

团队 你好 的 Facebook!
这 是 我 的 个人 证件, 政府 发行 的, 请 审查 并 重新 打开 我 的 账户
我 的 名字: Your full name
出生 日期: Your date of birth
谢谢 团队 的 Facebook!

Finally, click the button 发送 (Submit) located below to transfer information to the Facebook Admin.

link 279 facebook help unlocking the download 3

After completing the verification process, Facebook will send a feedback to your email address and you can continue using Facebook as usual.

Recently Taimienphi to guide you 3 quick steps to send information to the Facebook Admin, verify the owner for your account. Hopefully, this little tip will help you to unlock your account soon and use it again as usual.
Good luck!


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