Link 339 Facebook, unlock identity verification

Link 339 Facebook, unlock identity verification

Accessing link 339 helps us verify identity on Facebook when locked by uploading identity card, identity card, driver’s license … in the shortest time and regaining your personal Facebook account.

During use, your Facebook account can be locked for various reasons and one of the most common cases is because Facebook requires identity verification.

Link 339 Facebook – Instructions to unlock identity verification

To reopen your account, you will need to send information, a photo of your ID to Facebook to verify your identity by following the support link. also known by the name Link 339, short for the last 3 digits.

1. Link 339 Facebook – Unlock identity verification

Preparation required for identity verification

– Proceed Fake IP Access to Hungary (If you do not know how to do, you can refer to the instruction how Fake IP Hungary by HOLA here);
– Change the working interface language of Facebook to English (English UK)
– Photographs of the front and back of the ID (ID card, ID card, driver’s license, …)

The steps to verify identity

Step 1: You open the website browser on your computer;
Step 2: Click on the link Link 339 Facebook is shared Here;
Step 3: In the Confirm identity window with Facebook, scroll down and click Choose Files (Select file) and download a photo of your ID.

Next, you enter more information in the box Login email address or mobile phone number (Login email address or mobile number) and click the button Send (Send) is right below.

Note: You can only upload up to 3 pictures. Also for faster system processing, you should save the image format as JPEG;

link to confirm facebook identity

After submitting the information, it will take you a while longer to wait for Facebook’s confirmation. In case you receive a reply, reply to Facebook by referring to the following form:

Hello facebook team!
This is my ID card. I hope that will be soon confirmed this account with the following information.
– Full name: Full name as on identification
– Date of birth: Your birthday
– Email account: Personal Email Address
Thanks Facebook team!

After sending the message, Facebook will review it again. Now the only thing you need to do is wait for the account to be restored. And in case you do not receive a response, please try to read the article recover a locked Facebook account here.
So within 3 steps, Taimienphi has completed the procedure to unlock account verification, get back to Facebook quickly and simply. To avoid being asked to confirm your identity with Facebook, you need to pay attention to privacy when Log into your Facebook account When used in public places. At the same time, you should also install additional security layers for your accounts and devices.


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