Link to download and install Viettel Money on Android and iPhone phones

Viettel Money is a comprehensive digital financial ecosystem with a variety of money sources (mobile money, bank money), allowing users to top up phone cards, transfer money, buy and sell online, pay bills, …, everytime everywhere. To quickly experience new features and utilities on Viettel Money, you need to download and install Viettel Money on your Android phone or iPhone. Details on how to download Viettel Money will be shared shortly.

Providing more than 300 services & utilities to serve the needs of money transfer, buying and selling, online payments without cash, e-wallets, bank accounts, Viettel Money is a digital financial application being downloaded by many people. and in use today. If you also want to experience using this application, Download and install Viettel Money will help you make your dreams come true.

Download Viettel Money, instructions to install Viettel Money on Android and iPhone phones.

Link to download and install Viettel Money

With a memory capacity of 201M, Viettel Money is currently available for Android and iPhone devices. And you can easily download and install Viettel Money by following the instructions below.

1. Viettel Money download link

– Load Viettel Money for Android
– Load Viettel Money for iPhone

2. Install Viettel Money

Step 1: After clicking on the Viettel Money download link above, you will be transferred to the Viettel Money installation interface. You need to press the button “Setting” to start installing the application on your device.

Step 2: When the installation is complete, press “open” and start registration, account authentication, application experience. Details How to register Viettel Money? and verify the account shared by in this article, please refer and apply.

Set up Viettel Money
Refer to the sharing about the link to download and install Viettel Money on iPhone and Android phones above, you have started to install the application on your device and use the optimal utilities that the application provides.

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