Link to download ISO file Windows 10 20H1

There are many ways to get ISO Windows 20 20H1 file download links on the network, but many of them are not safe, contain many malicious code that steals user information, so it is best for users to get the download link. Genuine Windows 10 ISO file 20H1 from the publisher Microsoftl.

Like many recent updates, Microsoft does not provide users with Windows 10 20H1 installation files. Want to get the link to download the ISO file Windows 10 20H1, users need to use some support tips. In the content of this article, Taimienphi will perform detailed instructions for you to download the Windows 10 20H1 iso file quickly and efficiently. Thereby, users will soon have the opportunity to experience the version What’s new in Windows 10 20H1 earliest.

How to get the download file of Windows 10 20H1 ISO

How to get the download link of genuine Windows 10 20H1 ISO file

Users need to use Google Chrome browser to perform the trick.

Step 1: Open a computer browser and access the link Here.
Step 2: Windows 10 download screen appears, press F12 key. Press the shortcut key combination Ctrl + Shift + M to call the tool Toggle device toolbar.

link download file iso windows 10 20h1 3

Step 3: On the toolbar Toggle device toolbar At the top of the screen, click the options box and change the viewing status to iPAD. Press F5 to reload the information.

link download file iso windows 10 20h1 4

Step 4: At this time, the item displays more Select Edition. Click in the options box, select Windows 10 and press the button Confirm.

link download file iso windows 10 20h1 5

Step 5: Select the product language section appears, click the options box below and select the language Windows you want to use, continue to select Confirm.
In the example, Taimienphi chooses the English version (English)

link download file iso windows 10 20h1 6

Step 6: Next, the system will ask you to select the version to download. The application provides 2 options: 32-bit Download and 64-bit Download. Click on the version you need, the download starts.

link download file iso windows 10 20h1 7
With this Windows 10 20H1 ISO file download link, the time it takes to load quickly or slowly will completely depend on your network speed, please wait patiently. During the procedure, if you encounter any problems, please leave a comment below this article for Taimienphi’s advice as soon as possible!


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