List of hottest YouTube channels for young people

List of hottest YouTube channels for young people has compiled and updated the list of hottest YouTube channels for young people in the following article, you can refer to finding YouTube channel for young people easily, quickly and in accordance with expectations. want, your interests. With these channels will bring you many useful knowledge, ideal relaxing moments.

YouTube is one of the most entertaining channels today, with a large number of videos shared every day. If you are looking YouTube channel for young people Let’s take a look at the list of hottest YouTube channels for young people below.

List of YouTube channels for young people

1. Vietnam Esports TV

Vietnam Esport TV channel

As the name implies, Vietnam Epsort TV is the number 1 e-sports and entertainment channel for Vietnamese gamers. This YouTube channel for young people has been contributing to the field of e-sports flourishing, bringing a multi-dimensional look that won the hearts of many young people. Besides, this channel is also a place to help gamers share their knowledge and experience. Therefore, Vietnam Epsort TV channel has attracted 2.5 million followers. This is also the motivation for the channel to create more compelling videos in response to the viewers’ feelings.

2. DAM tv

list of hottest youtube channels for bamboos 2

DAM tv channel

Owning nearly 1.6 million followers, DAM tv is a name that is no stranger to young people. DAM tv is considered as one of the leading YouTube channels for young people in the field of comedy videos and Parody MV videos, not only bringing relaxing moments but also conveying meaningful messages. Although few genres like this YouTuber channel developed videos with many new directions, so every video viewer would be interested.

3. Yeah1 TV

YouTube Channel List for the hottest hot 3

Yeah1 TV channel

Yeah1 TV YouTube channel includes videos associated with 2 famous brands, 2! IDOL and Pho that are popular with many people. Yeah1 TV currently owns more than 2.7 million followers, which proves that this is the hottest YouTube channel for young people.

4. JVevermind

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JVeveramind Channel

As one of the leading Vloggers in Vietnam, but with the professional development of videos that show problems in society and humorous life, the YouTube channel JVeveramind has achieved great success by attracting a large number of followers. more than 1.7 million and received the prestigious Golden Play Button Award awarded by YouTube.


list of hottest youtube channels for bamboos 5

POPS MUSIC channel

In addition to the above YouTube channels for young people, the POPS MUSIC channel is also one of the most popular YouTube channels, attracting nearly 6 million followers. From Bolero love songs to the very exciting EDM tracks can be found on the POPS MUSIC channel. Therefore, this channel has become a partner of many famous artists in Vietnam.
Currently, YouTube is not only an entertainment channel but also an effective money channel. Keeping up with the trend in the world, Vietnamese YouTube-ers have joined YouTube to share many useful and entertaining videos, including YouTube channel for kids, for young people … with lots of interesting content. Please refer to the YouTube list for young people to find the channel that suits your interests.


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