List of hottest YouTube children’s channels

The list of the hottest YouTube channels for kids is the collection of the most watched YouTube channels in Vietnam among countless YouTube channels for kids. You can refer to the channel selection appropriate for your baby.

Currently, there are many YouTube channels for children, including many poor quality sites that make you worried, so please refer List of Youtube channels for the hottest kids today, to choose the right YouTube channel for babies to help them have fun, relax and learn effectively.

List of hottest YouTube children’s channels

1. AnAn ToysReview TV

AnAn ToysReview TV YouTube channel

The hottest YouTube channel for kids we would recommend is AnAn ToysRivew TV. Most of the videos in this YouTube channel have the appearance of the cute An An. Although the videos only last a short time, they bring not only useful knowledge but also relaxing moments for them.

2. Kid Studio

YouTube Channel List for Youngest Children 2

Kid Studio YouTube Channel

Kid Studio is one of the hottest children’s YouTube channels today. Most of the videos in Kid Studio are related to children’s toys such as cars, bulldozers, etc., each of which is a simple lesson but stimulates children’s minds to develop. Baby’s creations are also more diverse and their cognitive ability is also improved.

3. Children’s Channel – BHMedia

YouTube Channel List for Youngest Hottest 3

Children’s channel YouTube – BHMedia

Children’s Channel – BHMedia provides interesting and impressive videos for children. Each video brings different fairy tales, especially when participating in this YouTube channel for children, they can not only hear good narration, voice characters, but also enjoy the sounds and pictures Vivid photo. Therefore, at present, Children’s channel – BHMedia owns 1.1 million followers from the children.

4. POPS Kids

YouTube Channel List for Youngest Children 4

YouTube POPS Kids channel

POPS Kids is also one of the hottest children’s YouTube channels today. YouTube channel currently has nearly 5,000 video clips with content ranging from educational videos to entertainment videos such as cartoons, attractive games, and music shows. Therefore, the POPS Kids channel has won the hearts of children and parents, attracting more than 6 million followers.

5. KN Channel

YouTube Channel List for Youngest Children 5

Youtube Channel KN Channel

If you mention the list of children’s favorite YouTube channels today, you need to mention the KN Channel. Currently the channel has more than 4.4 million followers. This channel is based on children’s toys and games, images that teach children good and useful knowledge to help children play and learn at the same time. Therefore, through KN Channel, your children will develop IQ, stimulate creativity.

6. Poetry Nguyen

YouTube Channel List for Youngest Children 6

Poetry Channel of Nguyen

Besides the above YouTuBe channels, Tho Nguyen channel is also the hottest YouTube channel for kids today with the number of followers up to 5.2 million. Not only is the entertainment channel with content about playing hills, instructions for making handmade toys, cooking guides, but also in the cartoon channel Nguyen Tho also has cartoon videos with colors, vivid sound … All videos it makes the child audience excited, watching every day.

The list of YouTube channels for children above are all reputable, quality YouTube channels with the largest number of followers in Vietnam, most of which come from children. You can let your baby turn on this YouTube channel for them to watch and listen.

Along with that, also summarizes and updates the list of hottest YouTube channels for young people to help readers easily find the list. YouTube channel for young people hottest to see easily and effectively.


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