List of mobs and monsters in Minecraft

Minecraft is an open world game with an extremely large world where players can discover a lot of special things, in Minecraft, there are players who love Survival mode, a game mode that You have to survive in the Minecraft world on your own and face a lot of problems, sometimes monsters.

In Survival Minecraft mode, besides having to survive in Minecraft world by exploiting resources, making tools, building houses to live and find food, monsters are also a problem. interested. You can hunt these monsters for food as well as get some other items to make clothes, beds, … However, there are species that you should not touch because they can. attacking you, even attacking you that you can’t touch them. Below is a list of monsters in Minecraft for you to better understand this world.

Gentle animals in Minecraft.

These species are gentle and are primarily used as food sources for players in Survival mode. These species are quite common and can be found almost anywhere in the Minecraft world and you can attack them freely. Common animals are Chickens, Cows, Sheeps, Pigs, etc. Most can pair with breeding, suitable for farming, raising and harvesting products from them. This list includes:

– Sheep
– Cow
– Pig
– Chicken
– Fox
– Bat
– Cod
– Ocelot
– Rabbit
– Salmon
– Mooshroom
– Squid
– Tropical fish
– Turtle
– Villager
– Wandering trader
– Pufferfish

Domestic animals tamed in Minecraft:

– Donkey
– Parrot
– Mule
– Skeleton horse
– Horse
– Cat

These neutral animals in Minecraft

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Called neutral because these species will function normally as the gentle animals above. But when attacked they will fight back players. There are some species that automatically attack if they encounter a prey, such as Wolf will automatically hit Fox, Rabbit or Sheep.

– Polar Bear
– Dolphin
– Trader Llama
– Llama
– Panda
– Wolf
– Bee
– Iron golem

Among these species will be a number of species that act a little differently from the above neutral animals:

– Spider
– Cave Spider
– Enderman
– Zombie Pigman

Dangerous monsters in Minecraft

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These monsters are classified as dangerous because they are extremely aggressive and ready to attack players when they are detected or standing in front of them without obstacles. Usually they will attack in a range of 16 cells, however there are some special types or bosses they will attack from a distance of 100 cells. There are even species like Ender Dragon and Wither that will attack you at any distance.

– Evoker
– Vindicator
– Husk
– Stray
– Phantom
– Blaze
– Creeper
– Ghast
– Magma Cube
– Silverfish
– Skeleton
– Pillager
– Ravager
– Vex
– Chicken Jockey
– Endermite
– Guardian
– Elder Guardian
– Shulker
– Skeleton Horseman
– Slime
– Spider Jockey
– Zombie
– Zombie Villager
– Drowned
– Wither Skeleton
– Witch

Above is the whole monster in Minecraft is divided so you can easily distinguish, so you can stay away from the threat of dangerous monsters and can eat from the gentle kind to have be able to live as long as possible in the survival mode.
In the game Minecraft has many good Mods so that players can experience many different characters as well as more interesting challenges, Minecraft Mod is released continuously according to life events, according to the trending of the movies. blockbuster …. To play Minecraft game, first of all we need to install the game successfully on PC already, if you do not know how to do it, refer to How to install Minecraft here.


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