List website Paid To Upload reputation

List website Paid To Upload reputation

Paid To Upload one of the popular forms of making money online today brings many good effects, is how to make money online through the form of upload file, share file then we will be Uploader, Uploader is paid based on Mechanism of operation of File Hosting (FH). The reputable Paid To Upload websites today are quite a lot, if you are looking to start learning about these websites in the following article:

Paid To Upload also abbreviated as PTU is paying for the upload you can understand roughly like after we upload a file on the site the user will go to your site to download, Websites that receive advertising money will share profits for you, encourage you to upload files to their websites, the way the ads are charged is different in each country so the money you upload files for users in each country is also different.

The easiest way we can make money online is to upload files and write in forums for people to download, your articles will stay on that site if you do not remove them. and money will also automatically back to your pocket monthly. This process of making money online will accumulate little by little. The types of documents that earn the most today are the types of software, documents, movies …

Below will be a list of the most prestigious Paid To Upload website lists that you follow along:

1. Fileserve

With Fileserve in the top of the prestigious Paid To Upload website list, on average, users will pay about $ 25 on average for 1000 downloads, the main form of payment of this website is through PayPal, Webmoney accounts. .. on Monday every week, Fileserve does not count as Hotfile Rank simultaneously to support webisite users support up to 1GB, support Upload by FTP, Remote Upload with an ideal speed up to 400KB. According to the overall assessment when compared to the reputable Paid to Upload websites, with the profit payment of 25%, this is also a large profit compared to many other file sharing sites.

list website paid to upload reputation 2

2. Filepost

Filepost, like Fileserve or Filesonic, will pay a minimum of $ 15 for users through popular accounts such as PayPal, Webmoney, Alertpay … Filesonic pays $ 35 for every 1,000 downloads, supports Upload by delivery. Protocol FTP, Remote Upload.

list website paid to upload reputation 3

3. Filesonic

Filesonic is also one of the prestigious Paid To Upload website lists that pay about $ 35 for an average of 1,000 downloads, an average of at least $ 15 through accounts like PayPal, Webmoney, Alertpay .. at Filesonic do not count Rank like Hotfile, Filesonic supports Upload users by FPT, Remote Upload, earning an average of about 20% of the profits from your referrals. Upload file size should more than 1MB of earnings will be increased corresponding to the file size.

list website paid to upload reputation 4

4. Uploadstration

Uploadstration pays lower than the reputable Paid To Upload sites above, instead of $ 35, Uploadstration only pays about $ 32 for 1000 minimum download downloads from $ 20 through PayPal, Webmoney, Alertpay … Uploadstration pays for all referrals, downloads from different countries, the percentage of payment will be based on each region.

list website paid to upload reputation 5

The above is Paid To Upload website list reputable readers can refer to and choose for your money-making process, besides that for the performance process to be more professional, prepare yourself a separate VPS and quickly upload it again. should also prepare an Autopost software to post to a series of news websites at the same time, and a series of free classifieds websites in Vietnam or foreigners to post links to people. User can easily download.
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