Lock the CD-ROM drive with CDRom-Lock

Lock the CD-ROM drive with CDRom-Lock

If you share a computer with many people and want to protect the data as well as the CD-ROM drive, CDRom Lock will be the solution for you now. The following article will guide you how Taimienphi.vn lock CD-ROM drive with CDRom Lock.

CDRom-Lock is a compact application that allows you to quickly and securely lock CD-ROM drives. Thereby limiting unnecessary access from other users and protecting the data on disk safely.

Instructions for Locking a CD-ROM drive with CDRom-Lock

Step 1: First, download and install it CDRom-Lock in computer.

– You can download the latest version of CDRom Lock here

Step 2: Open the recently installed program. By default the program will set the language to German.

– You can come in Bearbeiten to convert languages

– To switch languages, pay attention to the options Language choose the language is English
– You can set password protection at option Passworg protection, After setup is complete, click Apply to confirm

Step 3: To lock a CD-ROM drive from the program interface of your choice Lock and press Ok, got it

– The program will lock the drive, so any operation in Windows like opening the drive will not be performed.

Step 4: To unlock the drive, from the program interface you choose Unlocked Then press OK, got it To confirm.

– Options: Open allows you to quickly open the drive, Close close the drive.

If when you initially set the password for the program, When pressed OK, got it Once a window appears, ask you to enter a password protection, enter the password and then press OK, got it

Above, we have just instructed the operation with CDRom-Lock software to lock, unlock the drive. With this software, you can protect your CD-ROM drive from unwanted intrusion.


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