Lock Windows 7 according to Windows 8 interface

You usually lock the screen by using the built-in function on the system. Here betdownload.com will introduce you a new method which is to use WinLock Pro utility to lock the screen. WinLock Pro gives you a way to lock your Windows 7 screen using the beautiful Windows 8 interface.

You are at work on a computer and do not want anyone to use it during your absence. And WinLock Pro will help you solve that problem with the computer screen lock function it has. Using the utility you will experience how to lock the Windows 7 screen on the Windows 8 interface.

How to lock Win 7 under Win 8 interface

Step 1: Run the program WinLock Pro.

Download the latest version of the software here: WinLock Pro

Step 2: Lock screen computer.

After booting the program, your computer will enter locking mode. Now on the interface of the program you need to enter your name and password to complete the lockout process.

science win 7 under the interface win 8

Then the interface of the lock screen appears exactly the same as the interface of Windows 8. On the screen also displays the time, date, … for you to see.

Step 3: Remove screen lock mode.

If you want to remove the screen lock state and return to using Windows as before, you need to double click anywhere on the screen. A new interface appears for you to enter the password to unlock. After completing the process of unlocking the screen, your computer is back to the beginning and continues its work.

WinLock Pro software not only gives you the function of locking the computer screen when it is in use but also can lock the screen during the boot process, the function of managing the time of using the computer and controlling activities. computer actions, … and more are waiting for you to discover.


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