Logaster - Website to create icons, online and professional logos

Logaster – Website to create icons, online and professional logos

With the current internet trend. Website users and home users are not strange things. However, to create icons, icons for your website is not simple. With Logaster, the website for creating icons and online icons, you will be spoiled for choice with the most beautiful and unique icons.

Currently, there are quite a lot of websites that support creating icons, creating free online logos for users, but to choose the best website, containing many unique icons and symbols to create your own logo, it is not must everyone know. Taimienphi.vn introduces you to the site Logaster

Create icons, logos online, professional online by Logaster

Logaster provides hundreds of different icon icons to help you choose freely. After selecting and creating a satisfactory icon, you can save it in image formats such as JPG, PNG, PDF and SVG.

Logaster optimizes steps to help you create an online icon simply. Your job is just to enter the website name, the name you want to create the icon and select the icon only. If you want to be more creative, you can also edit some icons, logos that you have just created with the icon editing feature on Logaster

Instructions for creating online icons on Logaster

Step 1: Access to Logaster: Here

Step 2: Enter the name you want to make the icon (You can add a slogan or select your trades, otherwise leave the default) -> Then select Next

Step 3: Select the iCon you want to do (After selecting it, you can choose Edit logo concept to correct the icon) -> select Next

Step 4: Edit the location, change the icon size, choose fonts -> select Next

Step 5: You choose Save

Step 6: Enter your Email Account (The password here is the password for the account on the logaster, not your email password) -> select Create an account

Step 7: Select Download logo files. Download lofo for free with a smaller size than the larger sized logos but for a fee

In addition, you can also create business cards, personal cards, and business cards with logaster

So, above Taimienphi.vn has instructed you how to create an online icon on the logaster website. Good luck.


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