Lyrics of the lover does not come

Lyrics The lover does not come is the confession of a girl when in love, while waiting for her lover not to see her return. With a sweet melody, earnestly, Lovers did not come to touch the feelings of all those who listen to music, giving everyone moments of deposition, unforgettable.

The song Lover does not come Written and composed by musician Thuong Ngan. The theme of love is always an endless topic for musicians in composing songs that go into people’s hearts. And Lover who doesn’t come is also one of the best golden music songs of all time. For those who love lyrical music, Bolero music is probably all too familiar with melodious verses: “I knew you in the middle of the night by chance. The station is empty and there is still rain.” .

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Lyrics Of The Lover Doesn’t Come

I knew him in the middle of the night by chance

The platform was empty and there was still rain outside

Love is not in words because it is still afraid of cheating

Then we got to know each other and gave each other a minute of dating

The horn of a ship rang, tearing the night so frightfully

Together this moment afraid of tomorrow apart

Afraid of the word weightlifting and two way love

Then I only ask you if you love each other so sincerely

Love and love story is incredible

My way home tonight is a chilly night wind through my heart

The light is so sad, so lonely

I miss you so much so I just whispered my name

I followed the old way to the place where I was dating

Today, crowded people shyly I stood looking after him

Waiting for each hour the heart is getting more and more excited

And I walked awkwardly because of bitterness and shyness

Back to the train station to take me home alone

How many dreams first submerged into the water quickly

Love is dreaming into a cloud of smoke

Night train is still murky, but lovers go to the autumn

Song Lover does not come Chords for Guitar

1. I know it [Am] he between one [Em] true night [Am] flag

The platform is empty [F] people and out [A7] there is still rain [Dm] fall

Unfulfilled love [Am] words because still afraid of time [C] lie

Then we got used to it [F] each other and for [Em] minute meeting [Am] Dating

Wine horn [Am] up tear the curtain [Em] The night was frightening [Am] heroes

Together moments [F] This is afraid of the day [A7] tomorrow away [Dm] together

Afraid of weightlifting questions [Am] from and afraid of love two [C] entrance

Then I just ask [F] if you [Em] love yourself should be real [Am] crush.

ĐK: Love story [C] trauma [Dm] Trade strange strange memory [Am] often

My road at night [F] late at night [A7] icy cold [Dm] heart

Real light [Am] sad more lonely [C] silky

Miss real people [E7] many names silently called [Am] come on

2. I follow the path [Am] long before [Em] the place you appointment [Am] Dating

Today is crowded street [F] shy people [A7] I stood watching [Dm] brother

Wait through each [Am] now more and more anxious [C] the bracelets

And I stepped uneasily [F] unhappy because [Em] Spicy and ashamed [Am] bin

Back to the yard [Am] train station [Em] I am on one [Am] yourself

How many dreams [F] head sink in [A7] water flow [Dm] quickly

Love is [Am] dreaming into foam into clouds [C] smoke

Night train is still negative [F] u that person [Em] Love in heaven [Am] collection

A lover does not come as a complaint, as well as a message telling himself that the other person does not come with infinite sadness. That’s why the listener who listens to the melodies of this song is filled with an indescribable sadness.

There are many famous singers who have successfully performed this song such as:

– Song Lover not to be performed by singer Nhu Quynh

– Song Lover is not coming by the singer Dam Vinh Hung

– The song Lover is not coming by the singer Quynh Trang

– Song Lover not to be performed by singer Giang Tien

– The song “Valentine is not coming” is performed by singer To My

– Song Lover not to be performed by singer Duong Hong Loan

Disclaimer of denials 2

Lyrics of The mistress did not come by composer Thuong Ngan

Among the lyrical songs about sadness in love, the “Sad Night” is also a song like that, containing emotions in each lyrics. There are many singers who have successfully performed the song Sad Night in a small town but the most successful one is Dan Nguyen.
Referring to singer Nhu Quynh, there are many songs associated with her name such as Duyen Destiny, The region of tamarind leaves, The wings of early spring, The young oath of the sea … In which the song Duyen Destiny is a song that goes with the years, and has been loved by audiences since its debut until now.


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