Make a unique mouse cursor on Blog

Make a unique mouse cursor on Blog

To create your own blog style, you can change the style of the mouse or some images on it to add more vivid. But not everyone can do this.

Do you know how to make a unique and fancy mouse pointer for your Blog? Here would like to introduce you a little trick that can change the style of the mouse to make your Blog more special.

Make a unique mouse cursor on Blog

Step 1: You access the Website Here to choose for yourself a satisfactory mouse style. Then Click on that style (For example, in the picture below, select the type of mouse pink and watch)

make a doc easy on blog

Step 2: You find the following Code, then click Copy them. (Picture below)

Step 3: Log into Blog with your UserName and Password. Click on “Post new” (Figure below).

Step 4: Click on the “HTML”Then Paste the Code copied in the above step. (Picture below)

Step 5: You can check them by clicking on the “Write“If appears as shown below, you have successfully changed, then Click”Publish”.

Finish the process you go to the blog to see what you have done.

Above we have instructed you to create a unique mouse cursor on the Blog with the code available on the internet. In addition, if you want to design your own mouse pointer on your computer, you can download and use the software in the “Soft related” section above.
Using a computer for a while, surely you will be bored with the mouse icon on the screen. If you want to change, you can Create mouse cursor with many images Interesting different, help the computer screen become more vivid and unique.


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