Make videos from photos with Proshow Producer, create photo videos with music and text on your computer

Currently, making videos from photos available on computers and laptops becomes more popular when users celebrate in impressive moments. With the way to make videos from photos with’s ProShow Producer, you can easily create impressive videos, including effects, text.

Creating videos from photos from Proshow Gold or Proshow Producer also helps you save beautiful photos on your own. If in the previous post you know how Create videos from photos with Proshow Gold, then today, will show you how to make videos from photos available with ProShow Producer.

Make videos from photos with Proshow Producer, create photo videos with music and text on your computer

ProShow Producer supports users to create videos from many different images or even create videos from existing videos, including inserting many songs and audio to make your videos more vivid. Besides, most of the young people when making videos want to write the words as memories on their videos, if you do not know how type Vietnamese in Proshow Producer, please refer to the typing method in Proshow Producer to easily write down your confidences

In addition to ProShow Producer, you can download Proshow Gold, Windows Live Movie Maker, SONY Vegas Pro … to be able to create yourself the most interesting video clips., Inside, ProShow Gold is considered to be a good supporting software and not inferior to ProShow Producer

In addition, if you like making software, SONY Vegas Pro is the necessary software for you, SONY Vegas Pro supports professional filmmaking with many attractive features.

Make videos from photos with ProShow Producer

Step 1: Download and install ProShow Producer Full

Step 2: After successfully downloading and installing the program, open the program.

lam video

Step 3: At option Buil you start building creating videos from photos, Foder lisThis will take you to the place where you want to make the video.

ProShow Producer

Step 4: After leading to the item image List file will list and display the images in it, double click on the image you want to add to the clip or right click and select add to show to add photos to the clip

ProShow Producer video

Step 5: If you want to insert music into the clip, you drag and drop the song into the section Soundtrack

make video with ProShow Producer

Or double click on that area and select add sound file as shown below

Make videos with music ProShow Producer

Step 6: Set options for photos, right-click on the selected image and choose slide options

make video from me

A new window will appear, at the entry caption Setting Lets you add text to videos, press the sign icon (+) in section caption then write the text into the section selection caption text, you can also edit the color, font size .. for text with the options below.

make videos from me and music

Switch to option Effects, here you proceed to edit the effects of the image, the text when running the image, change from one scene to another, click the layer to change the image, effects …

Making videos from you and online music on your computer

Choose effects when converting

make video with ProShow Producer

Do the same with the other images, choose effects, add text to life.
Step 7: Select the time to switch between images, look at the selected photos, double-click the numbers and adjust the time to convert images, add or remove units in seconds (s)

make video with ProShow Producer

Step 8: After editing the settings are complete, you switch to the Publish option, select the format and purpose of the video you want to export then click Create

make video with ProShow Producer

Set the parameters then press Create to export the video

make video with ProShow Producer

With the basic operations to create a complete video from photos available with ProShow Producer software, you can now create your own videos with photos available to store memories, or make a video to give to friends and relatives and share on social networks online.

Besides Proshow Producer, there are many software for creating videos from other images such as Windows Live Movie Maker or Windows Movie Maker. If it does not require too high technical requirements, you can download Windows Movie Maker to make videos from your images, Windows Movie Maker supports making videos from images available from the user’s computer memory. With features such as audio insertion …. Many people mistakenly think that Windows Movie Maker is Windows Live Movie Maker software, but actually not, both Windows Live Movie Maker and Windows Movie Maker have own features and suit each user needs of different users.

After finishing a video in ProShow Producer, to export light and sharp video, you can refer to how produce light producer proshow videos and strokes have been detailed instructions of in previous tricks to share on social networks or store without taking up much computer memory.
Typing Vietnamese in Proshow Producer is one thing, to write words on Proshow Producer in Vietnamese with a new accent is difficult, please refer to write text on Proshow Producer here to be able to type accented Vietnamese on this professional software.


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