Making simple infographic on Piktochart

Making simple infographic on Piktochart

Infographic are great works when transmitting content from hundreds of pages into a visual image, vivid, easy to understand, receptive and suitable for the majority of users. To create infographic, users can use Photoshop or many other software. However, will guide you the following simpler way

If you are a professional designer you can use Photoshop to create beautiful, often used infographic works CorelDRAW for more in-depth design. With Piktochart you can also create simple and excellent Infographic. This article will show you how to create infographic-type works with Piktochart.

What is infographic?
Infographic or information design is a form of visual information, data or knowledge. There are more than 20 tools and websites supporting the creation of Infographic, in this article introduces you how to create them from the web site:
What stands out to
– Easy to use.
– There are many free templates and more than 4000 custom icons.
– Upload your photo as a background, as a model …
– Unlimited number of uses. You can use it continuously throughout the day, whenever needed.

5 steps to creating infographic on Piktochart.

To create an Infographic on Piktochart you must have Web browser, if you do not have you can use Google Chrome, Firefox or Coc Coc. Download Google Chrome or one of the remaining browsers will give you easy access to the web to create Infographic

Step 1: Visit the Piktochart website
As introduced, Piktochart is a website that allows you to create infographic works online. So we proceed to access Piktochart website: Here

inforgraphic design
Piktochart’s interface.

Step 2: Log in to Piktochart.
When using you must log in to Piktochart to use Piktochart to allow you to log in with your Facebook or Google + account
I created infographic so quickly
Here I use my Facebook account to login. While logging in, you need to click OK until the end.

create infographic don space bang piktochart
Login successfully with Taimienphi Facebook account
Step 3: Choose to create Infographic
One good thing is that Piktochart clearly divides the items for users to easily select. If you do Report, you choose Report, you make a banner you choose Banner, to present you choose Presentation. Here we are guiding you to create Infographic so you choose Infographic
infographic design

Step 4: Choose an Infographic template
In the infographic section, there are 2 Free Themes and Pro Theme. Now that you are familiar with how to create infographic on Piktochart, you choose the free templates in the Free Theme section to explore for yourself. After you like the pattern you choose Create to perform.
infographic design

Step 5: Create Infographic
In piktochart there are functions such as: Graphics (1), Uploads (2), Back Ground (3), Texr (4), Tools (5), while doing want to add a new Infographic, select File, select Create New, select New Blank Canvas – choose New or Select a Template – choose by template (6). While making you want Back, delete, coppy-paste … you choose the name of the toolbar (7) or use hotkeys as in Windows.

lam infographic online

These tools are generally quite easy to use, depending on your creativity. While you want to save: Saved, preview select: Preview, download select Download … especially you can share them right on Facebook, Google + or Twitter …

design infographic online

Some note:
-When you are designing that web browser closes or you switch to another page what you have just done will be lost.
-When downloading you choose to download with a free account you choose the image quality: Medium instead of Original, select JPEG image format.
-For professionals and frequent users of Piktochart you should register on the PRO version with many fast, powerful and useful support features.

Design online infographic

Above just introduced to you how to create infographic with Piktochart. If you are looking to create a logo you can refer to how to create a logo online fastest or top 3 software to create logos simply and professionally.
Wish you have impressive infographic works.


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