Manual 7-zip file compression best

Manual 7-zip file compression best

In this article, would like to introduce to you how to use 7-zip with the tips of file compression to set the optimal level when using this software. The strength of 7 Zip is that it is completely free and not inferior to any other compressors.

For most Windows users, there is no stranger to the concept of compressing – decompressing files anymore. And many people have also asked the question “Why is it so heavy when the file is downloaded when it is light to download?” This is because the file compressor has used the best compression techniques to reduce the file size to a minimum. The same goes for 7-zip! you all know 7zip usage then the optimal file compression is entirely possible.

The best file compressor, users can use 7-zip

How to use 7-zip to compress files best?

– Download 7 Zip for computers and laptops here.
– See how install 7 zip Compress and decompress the file here.

1. Files that should not be compressed (unless necessary)

– Files that are already compressed: .rar, .zip, .7z
– ISO files containing compressed files: .exe, .cab, .msi …
– Some movie tails, photos …

2. Instructions for using 7-zip

Step 1: After downloading and installing 7-ZIP, navigate to the file or folder you need to compress. Then right-click on that file / folder -> and select 7-Zip -> select Add to archive

To optimize the best compression using 7Z, you choose to set according to the parameters as shown in the image below:

How to use 7 zip file with the best file 2

Explain more parameters:

Archive format: Compression format, you should choose 7z for fast and strongest compression

Compression level: Compression level, indicating weak or strong capability. The sorting strength increases gradually minus top to bottom. The higher the compression level, the more RAM and time is needed

+ Ultra: Maximum compression level (Most optimal)
+ Maximum: High compression level
+ thường: Normal (Default)
+ Fast: Fast compression speed
+ Fastest: The fastest
+ Store: Uncompressed

– Compression method: 7-Zip file compression algorithm

+ LZMA: compression algorithm for fast and strong speed (Default)
+ LZMA2: LZMA’s upgrade may be worse in some cases, such as WinRAR, which cannot read this compressed file
+ PPMd: Mainly used for text files with fast and powerful compression
+ BBzip2: Mainly for text files with high speed and good compression

Dictionary size: The amount of RAM used to compress and decompress. The larger the number, the more RAM is used but strong and fast compression

+ Memory usage for Compressing: Compress
+ Memory usage for Decompressing: Decompression

– Word size: The higher this number is, the stronger the compression is. So we choose the largest number

– Solid BLock size: The degree of hard compression, the higher the number, the stronger the compression, but the compression speed is reduced. Does not affect RAM and is only used with 7z standard, to achieve high compression level please choose Solid

– Number of CPU threads: The number of CPU cores involved in the compression process.

Alternatively, you can also set a password for the archive. After configuration is complete, press OK, got it to begin.

How to use 7 zip file with the best file 3

Parameter Compression ratio smaller the compression ratio is higher. Compression time depends entirely on the configuration of your computer as well as resources available, there is no exact number.

The image below is a result after compression:

How to use 7 zip file with the best file 4

Note that when configured as above, the settings were automatically saved, if you want to compress another file, you will not need to change these parameters anymore.

Through the above article we know 7-zip usage Compress files, as well as add a trick to compress the file to the lowest level while ensuring the file content. Compressing files like this is very useful for those who often share resources for the online community, and do not waste too much storage space.
If using 7zip in the English interface above, but you do not understand it is possible Switch languages ​​in 7 Zip Follow the instructions here to switch to Vietnamese for easy understanding. At that time, knowing the information, as well as using 7-zip file compression will be much more intuitive and easy to understand. Good luck!


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