Manual Photo Story 3 for Windows

Manual Photo Story 3 for Windows

Refer to the Manual Photo Story 3 for Windows of below, you will know in detail how to create photo slides much easier, and especially completely free compared to the same function software like Proshow Gold. , Nero …

Use Photo Story 3 for Windows help you create videos from photos very easily. You can put sound into slides or even create your own voiceover for each image through the use of computer microphones or headphone headphones very convenient and fast. With Photo Story 3 for Windows software, most of the most popular image formats today such as jpg, pdg, eps … audio formats such as wma, mp3, wav … are all supported, so to Use Photo Story 3 for Windows For users, this is the most suitable option.

Computers using Photo Story 3 help you quickly create professional photo slides

How to use Photo Story 3 for Windows

Step 1: After you Install Photo Story 3 for Windows is successful, please launch this software. If it’s your first creation, choose Begin a new story -> and then click next

guide to using photo story 3 for windows 2

Step 2: You click on Inport Pictures… as shown below.

guide to using photo story 3 for windows 3

Display File Brouwser appears -> you find and select the image you want to add to create a slide and click OK, got it to add photos to create slides into the software

guide to using photo story 3 for windows 4

Step 3: You will see the picture has been added, where you can change the order of the image by dragging and holding it to the left or right. Or you can use the arrow buttons to change the order of images.

– Knot X is that you delete images that you add but don’t want to use.

– If you want to remove black borders on the slide, then click on Remove black border

Finally, click next to continue.

guide to using photo story 3 for windows 5

Step 4: If you leave the black border -> the software will display a message asking if you want to continue without removing the black border. Suppose you keep the black border pressed Yes To continue as shown below:

guide to using photo story 3 for windows 6

Step 5: Display Add a title to your pictures appears, here you can optionally add text to each image:

– Click on AA to adjust the font size, font, font color … and the buttons on the side help you adjust the appearance of the text you add.

– You can also change effects for photos such as: Black and White (black and white), Colored Pencil (colored pencils) …

After you choose okay -> click select next to continue

guide to using photo story 3 for windows 7

Step 6: At this point, you will make the voiceover for each photo if you want.

User photo story 3 for windows 8


– No. 1 – Record Narration: Start recording
– No. 2 – Stop Recording : Used to stop recording
– Number 3 – Delete Narration: Delete the newly created recording
– 4 – Configure Microphone: Set up mic, volume for recordings
– 5 – Notes: Notes for the newly created recording
– Number 6 – Preview: Used to preview the recording

Then you press select next to continue.

Step 7: In addition, in the steps performed above -> you can also click Customize Motion… to proceed to other settings. You will see 2 options: Motion and Duration and Transition.

– Section Motion and Duration: Help you set the time of the appearance of images. The default mode will be 5 seconds, but you can change this time by ticking the box Number of seconds to display the picture -> then, enter the time (in seconds) into it.

guide to using photo story 3 for windows 9

– Section Transiton : Helps you set how images appear. You will find that there are many different ways to appear for your photos. You can also set the default start-up time for the entire image or you can customize the time by clicking Number of seconds to display the transition -> and also select the time (in seconds).

Finally, click Save to save the settings you just made.

guide to using photo story 3 for windows 10

Step 8: The next interface appears, here you can add music for this photo Slide. You can select the available music by clicking Select Music or create your own music by clicking on Creat Music.

If you want to preview -> click on it Preview. Then press continue next to proceed to the next step

User photo story 3 for windows 11

Step 9: Display Save your story Appears, this is the last step. In this step, you only need to save the steps you have done above to save them into a file.

User photo story 3 for windows 12

– Section Activities : Allows you to choose whether to save the video slide file to your computer (Save your story for playback on your computer) or can choose to send it to a friend via email (send the story in an email message) …

– Section File Name: Lets you name and choose a location to save your photo slide
– Section Quality Settings: This is an item that allows you to customize the quality of your photo video slides

Selected, press next to begin Building Your Story.

User photo story 3 for windows 13

Step 10: The process of saving video slides will complete the interface as shown below. You should choose Save Project … to save the entire process so that when you reopen, edit if necessary later -> Finally, click on Exit To finish the whole process you create photo slide on Photo Story 3.

User photo story 3 for windows 14
Above is the whole Manual Photo Story 3 for Windows for you to quickly create slides from photos. In addition, you can Create online photo SlideShow simple on Youtobe or use specialized software to create photo slides – such as Create photo slides with Slideshow Movie Creator and many other software.


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