Manual Trojan Virus Removal software on Windows 7/8

Manual removal of Trojan viruses on Windows 7/8 is entirely possible, instead of you have to use anti-virus software. With the instructions below, you will certainly enjoy manually removing viruses.

Trojan Virus is one of the most dangerous viruses capable of infiltrating and seriously affecting computer systems. Instead of having to install cumbersome anti-virus software, you can do it directly on your computer with manual Trojan antivirus software on Windows 7/8

Unlike the Windows XP operating system or older versions of Windows, the latest two operating systems, Windows 7 and Windows 8, already have mechanisms to prevent the drive from automatically starting up.

Manual Trojan Virus Removal Software on Windows 7/8

Remove Trojan Virus manually on Windows 7/8

Step 1: Click Start Menu -> type keywords Run in the section Search Programs and File -> select Run in the section Programs.
Step 2: Type a keyword gpedit.msc in Run -> OK or use the key Enter on the keyboard.

diet trojan bang tay tren window 7

Step 3: Dialog box Local Group Policy Editor opens ->Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Removable Storage Access
At the window Setting on the right, search for the item Removable Disks: Deny Execute access.

diet trojan bang tay tren window 7

Step 4: In the newly opened dialog, select a mode Enabled -> Apply -> OK

diet trojan bang tay tren window 7

Step 5: Restart the computer or run an in command Command Prompt.
Open the window Command Prompt by, typing the keyword “cmd” in Run

diet trojan bang tay tren window 7

At this window, run the command “Gpupdate / force” let the system automatically destroy all Trojan Virus available on the machine.

diet trojan bang tay tren window 7
And remember to restart the computer after the scan is complete

diet trojan bang tay tren window 7

Some points to note when using this method

– During the Virus removal process on the computer, external storage devices such as USB, portable hard drives … will stop working.

– This method can only prevent the virus automatically spread in the computer through the self-functioning function of the software available on the computer. If the virus spreads by copying an infected file to your computer, it is best to use the software (you can use Trojan removal software at

– Only perform on computers, can not kill Trojan Virus on USB or other devices.


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