Meaning of types of checks in Fast

Currently, Fast and check slip has become familiar to accountants but not everyone understands the meaning of the type of check in Fast. Understanding this, would like to share the meaning of the check types in Fast below.

Classification and Meaning of check type in fast what? is a question many people are interested in and learn about. Depending on each business, we will use the type of payment slip in the most suitable Fast Accounting software.

How to print checks in fast easily and quickly

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1. Meaning of types of checks in Fast

Fast accounting software has many different useful features that we may not take advantage of, so when you read the following content of each type of voucher, the receipt in Fast will help you understand the meaning. of each type of vote.

– Type 1 – Payment details according to invoices: Only used in case the enterprise keeps track of the detailed liabilities of each invoice.
– Category 2 – Payments to suppliers: If the enterprise does not track the detailed liabilities of each invoice, it is possible to use the category of payments to suppliers.
– Type 3 – Spending on many suppliers: Enterprises should use in case of paying for each representative receiving money but need to monitor the debt based on many other liabilities.
– Type 4 – Payments for advances and loans: Expenses for loans and advances to employees.
– Type 5 – Transfer / Withdrawal: With the meaning of money transfer, withdraw money from the bank.
– Type 6 – Selling foreign currencies: For foreign currency enterprises, this type is often used.
– Type 7 – Prepayment to suppliers: Type 7 is often used if the business prepays the goods to the supplier.
– Type 8 – Payment of direct expenses in cash: For cases of direct payment of cash expenses with tax declaration.
– Type 9 – Other: Used for many cases but not for the seven categories above.

2. Can type 2 be used instead of type 4, 5, 6,7, 8, 9?

Depending on the type of voucher, the information updated in the software also varies, such as:

– When selling foreign currencies, there is a need for information about book exchange rates as well as exchange rates.
– When making an advance on a loan, you may need information about loan repayment or repayment terms.
– When paying, you need to specify which bill to pay, it is necessary to show the invoice issued to customers.

Type 2 – Payment to supplier. For this type, you will not be able to enter the information,

Therefore, FAST accounting software has been created by the supplier and classified the payment slips into various categories to meet the user needs.
Knowing the meaning of the type of check in Fast will help you be able to use Fast software effectively, working in the accounting profession about the most efficient and easy way to create check forms.


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