MediaTek will soon launch chip production lines for Windows PCs

In just a few weeks, Qualcomm Tech Summit, one of Qualcomm’s most important annual events of the year, will officially take place. However, rival MediaTek also quickly launched a “preemptive strike” with the Executive Summit event in California, USA. On this event stage, MediaTek will make a series of very notable announcements related to its business strategy in 2022.

In particular, there are many rumors about that MediaTek will announce its plan to produce a line of dedicated processor chips for Windows computers at the Executive Summit. MediaTek is currently said to be the market leader in semiconductors with around 40% of the global processor chip market share. However, MediaTek’s main business segments are currently mainly smartphones, IoT devices, or cars… Breaking into the PC market, which is already very crowded with a series of big names, is certainly not an easy task. simple, but absolutely not impossible with the existing potential of MediaTek.

Currently, there is a revolution taking place in the global PC processor chip market, with the trend of shifting from the traditional x86 platform to the superior ARM chip. MediaTek clearly does not want to miss this opportunity to squeeze in and even take home a large market share. The above trend is happening at an increasingly rapid pace with the flagship Apple. However, the overall opportunity for manufacturers is still huge.

In fact, MediaTek is already in the computer market with basic performance chips for low-cost Chromebooks. But in order to assert its position in the Windows PC market, MediaTek will have to really seriously determine how it can provide the market with products.

In theory, MediaTek’s participation in the market of processor chips for Windows computers is inevitable in the current context. But for now, it’s still quite early to make any detailed judgments. Hopefully the company will make an announcement related to this issue on the Executive Summit event stage.


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