Merge multiple photos into one, the best photo stitching software on your computer

In addition to Photoshop, to merge multiple photos into 1, we also have many other software such as Photoscape or PhotoShine, even the screen capture tools such as Faststone Capture can also combine multiple photos together, you see it. and choose for yourself a software to combine 2 or more photos into a single image.

Job Collage help users create an image that includes many sub-images inside, create different shades, describe many different actions on the same photo of yourself. So, what software is available on your computer to support multiple pictures into one photo, which software is the best and how to use the software? Please join to find the answers.

The software, applications combine multiple photos into one best

1. Photoscape: Pros: Free, Edit, and edit photos professionally, combine multiple photos into 1 photo easily in just a few taps.

2. Photomatix Pro: Merge from two or more photos into a single photo easily. Especially, Photomatix Pro and use will help you to blend great photos, can mix all the details of many digital photos together. Download Photomatic Pro here.

3. PhotoShine: Create beautiful frames and let you combine multiple photos into a single photo with many beautiful effects. However, if you want to download PhotoShine and use it for a long time, you need to pay after 30 trials. Download PhotoShine here.

4. PhotoScenery: Create beautiful images from existing photos, edit and collage photos nicely, integrating multiple photos into frames. You can download PhotoScenery and use it to experience the unique features of the program. Download PhotoScenery here.

5. Easy Mosaic Pro: Merge multiple photos into a single compact image, easy to use and handy. However, downloading Easy Mosaic Pro and using it requires users to pay a fee after the trial. Download Easy Mosaic here.

Instructions to combine multiple photos into one with Photoscape

Step 1: Download and install the software on your computer.

– Download Photoscape

– Setting: Quite simply, you can follow the instructions that are.

Step 2: After Install Photoscape On the computer, start the Photoscape program and switch to the tab Page, here you can also choose the frame of the photo after joining in the right frame section.

Step 3: Here you use the mouse to click the frame to select photos to pair, you select the images in turn to add to the frame

Step 4: After choosing the photos you like. You can change Size (size), Margin (margin), Round, Background (color picture) for the photo. Done then click on Save to save them

Step 5: Here you enter the name of the file, format the image and then click Save

Step 6: The final result you just did.
With the above article we have introduced to you a number of software edit photo Professional has the unique ability to stitch photos and shows you how to stitch multiple photos into a single photo using Photoscape. Hopefully the article will bring you interesting experiences on your pictures.


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