Microsoft closes the year 2021 with nearly 900 vulnerabilities patched

With the final Patch Tuesday update of 2021 just officially released, Microsoft has had a busy and productive year in 2021 when it has successfully patched 887 CVE-labeled vulnerabilities on the Internet. its software and services. This equates to almost 2.5 vulnerabilities being patched per day. This is a remarkable effort from Microsoft, but at the same time, there are still many problems that the company cannot completely solve in the near future.

Specifically, according to statistics from the Zero Day Initiative page, Microsoft had a relatively successful year 2021 in the “after-sales” aspect with 887 vulnerabilities fixed by CVE that have been resolved satisfactorily. CVE-designated vulnerabilities are those identified and indexed by the CVE Program. That means Microsoft may have fixed more than the 887 vulnerabilities listed in the Zero Day Initiative report, but those bugs weren’t tracked by the CVE Program. In addition, this number also does not include vulnerabilities in the Edge Chromium browser.

Notably, as of the latest Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has released a total of 67 security fixes in 2021. Among them, 7 are critical issues and 1 are zero-day vulnerabilities. are being exploited. Therefore, the application of new updates is always essential down to ensure the safety of the system.

Overall, 887 CVE vulnerabilities have been patched is not a small number, although still up to 29% less than the total number of vulnerabilities that have been resolved by Microsoft in 2020. These are remarkable numbers, showing Microsoft’s efforts in bringing users a more optimal ecosystem. But it also shows the lack of stability in the software products that Microsoft launches. In fact, it’s not uncommon for users to constantly encounter errors on a new software update from Microsoft. Even though a fix patch can be rolled out soon after, the negative effects on the initial user experience are huge.


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