Microsoft Edge has a stable build on Linux

The new Microsoft Edge browser (Chromium) is now available on most popular operating system platforms such as Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android… However, the Microsoft Edge (stable) version for Linux has not yet been introduced, even though this browser platform has been officially launched for almost 2 years.

Back in October 2020, Microsoft announced the start of testing the Edge browser on Linux through the Dev channel. It was then released on the Beta channel in May of this year, as part of a plan to bring Edge to the open source world. Since then, no stable build has been officially announced by Microsoft.

However, as discovered by the Naked Security team, the Yum repository for Edge now lists stable builds of Microsoft Edge, along with previously available Dev and Beta releases. Display information shows that the following versions were released on October 28 and October 29, respectively:

These RPM packages can be extracted and installed on a Linux machine and work fine, according to internal testing by Naked Security. But it is worth mentioning that Microsoft does not seem to have any official posts or announcements related to this important milestone.

Microsoft Edge’s dedicated download page does not currently list a download option for Linux. Some options for Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and openSUSE can only be found on the Edge Insider website, which contains Dev and Beta builds.

Owning a browser platform available on an open source operating system will help facilitate developers in designing Edge-compatible websites and web applications, thereby giving Microsoft an advantage, although The potential audience is not too large. will update this article, with more detailed additional information after Microsoft has an official announcement about the above builds.


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