Microsoft finalizes the release of the first feature update for Windows 11 (codenamed Sun Valley 2)

Thus, Windows 11 stable version has been officially released for more than 2 months, with a rapidly growing user base. Now is a reasonable time for Microsoft to release information about major feature updates for Windows 11 in 2022, so that users can easily grasp and plan to upgrade the system.

In the latest statement, Microsoft is committed to continuing to bring the new operating system to more devices in 2022, with a strategy of releasing updates in phases as well as specific regions. The company’s goal is to make Windows 11 the most commonly used version of Windows by the summer of 2022. This is entirely possible if Microsoft executes on its plans.

Regarding the roadmap, the middle of next year, specifically in May, is also the time when Microsoft is expected to release the first and only major feature update for Windows 11 in 2022. It should be noted that Unlike Windows 10, Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 11 will only receive one feature update per year. This update is expected to have the name Sun Valley 2 and the identifier 22H2, or may also be known as the May 2022 Update due to its official release in May.

22H2 “Sun Valley 2” is expected to bring useful improvements and changes, making Windows 11 an even more complete platform. It’s still too early to talk about these changes at the moment. However, users can expect some of the known “popular” issues to be resolved in this update, such as limitations related to the taskbar, Start menu, or context menu interface. scene. In addition, the Redmond company is also planning to focus on “Windows on ARM” in 2022.

Development is currently on hold due to the holidays, but it’s all been well planned by Microsoft. Hopefully this major update will make Windows 11 a more user-friendly environment.


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