Microsoft Office Insiders on Mac receives new types of data in Excel and many other improvements

If you have registered the Slow Ring mode in Office Insider and you are using macOS, Microsoft has released a few new updates, as usual, these are not major updates, but there are a few. Noteworthy features.

For Excel, Microsoft has added support for new data types on worksheets and it will automatically identify them. When you insert data that looks like geographic data (like city names) or stock data (abbreviations like MSFT, AAPL …), Excel gives you the option to convert to those that kind of data, so that it can retrieve information like stock prices and more.

Microsoft Office Insiders on Mac is optimized for Excel

Excel now also has the ability to refresh Power Query queries from SQL Server. When you set up a data source that will require you to specify login information, you will be able to easily refresh it from the Data tab later. If you do not want your login information saved, you can access it Data> Connections and select Clear Permissions.

Finally, PowerPoint has gotten a new small feature, allowing you to hide the current slide in mode Presenter, instead show only the next slide and the note is expanded. This can be helpful to prevent you from looking at your screen instead of the audience during the presentation.
As usual, the updates Office for Mac auto-deploying so you’ll soon be welcome them. If you don’t want to wait, you can always check for updates manually in the settings.


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