Microsoft promises to improve Windows 11 performance in 2022

Microsoft just released the stable version 1.0 of the Windows App SDK a few days ago. On this occasion, the Windows development team held an AUA (Ask Us Anything) session on the Windows 11 subreddit on the Reddit forum.

Here, some users have complained about the user interface of Windows 11 being too slow, low performance… In this regard, the Windows development team said that they are trying to find a way to solve the problems. similar topic in 2022.

If everything goes as Microsoft claims, the Windows 11 22H2 feature update will likely increase the responsiveness and overall performance of the user interface.

Talking about Windows 11 performance issues, a Reddit member shared: “It seems to me that every classic UI element being replaced with the UWP XAML version in Windows 10 is slower. This trend has continued in Windows 11 and appears to be a feature of the new XAML. Is this a high priority issue?“. Here is the response from a Microsoft representative:

“In 2022, performance is an area of ​​our focus. We’ll mostly focus on activities like app startup/run. On user interface (UI) elements. display on the screen, we’ve tested putting 10,000 buttons on the screen… Most elements render fairly quickly but it’s not uncommon for speed/responsiveness errors to appear specific interface element If you’re getting an error, report it so we can look into the specific issue you’re having.

In another comment on Reddit, Microsoft engineers also spoke more about the importance of performance to the operating system and how serious the company is:

We also recently created a dedicated team to address this more holistically, in addition to focusing our time on the UX framework. It can be said that we are doing a lot of work to test and make sure that Windows 11 is perfect.”

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the problem, the problem is the “indispensable condiment” that comes with any major operating system update from Microsoft, and Windows 11 is no exception. However, there is a bright spot that needs to be recognized with an objective eye, that is, Microsoft is working more and more responsibly with the problems reported by the user community. For example, the time to release patches has been significantly shortened compared to before.

Over the past time, it seems that Microsoft has been listening to user feedback. The company has just announced that it will bring back the old UWP-based Whiteboard after numerous reports related to the poor performance and poor features of the new Whiteboard.

Obviously, Microsoft is listening to users’ opinions and responding with a positive attitude through carefully prepared plans. Whether the company fulfills those commitments or not remains to be seen. But a calm and serious attitude is essential in any job.


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