Microsoft released VS Code ‘lightweight’ version, can run completely in the browser

After countless trivia, Microsoft has finally officially released a lightweight version of the Visual Studio Code (VS Code) toolkit. Named, the advantage of this version lies in its compactness and ease of use, but still provides a familiar experience with full support for basic features. In particular, can run entirely in the browser. In other words, you don’t need to install the app on your system, you can go to directly in your web browser, then use it to open a folder on your local machine and start writing code as usual.

VS Code

This version of “VS Code Web” can enable the following experiences:

  • View and edit files locally, take quick notes (and preview!) in Markdown. Even if you are using a PC with a limited configuration, to the point where the full version of VS Code cannot be installed, you can still use to view and edit local files.
  • Build client-side HTML, JavaScript, and CSS applications, combined with browser tools for debugging.
  • Edit code easily and quickly on limited, low-profile PC systems that cannot (easily) install VS Code, such as Chromebooks in general.
  • Developing apps on iPad. You can upload/download files (and even store them in the cloud using the Files app), as well as open remote repositories with the built-in GitHub Repositories extension.

In addition, also comes with GitHub Repositories, Codespaces, and Pull Request extensions built in. You can check out this new VS Code experience HERE.


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