Mix music, mix audio with Virtual DJ Pro on computers, laptops

Mix music, mix audio with Virtual DJ Pro on computers, laptops

To become a DJ you need to know how to mix music, mix audio on DJ tools. You can practice these operations on Virtual DJ software easily. With powerful features, Virtual DJ Pro allows you to practice DJing right on your computer.

Use Virtual DJ Pro to help you create your own Audio files with many effects, mixing modes, support for BeatLock mechanism to allow better beat keeping the music in tune. However, this software is quite difficult to use, especially for those who have never used this software.

The following article will guide you the easiest way to mix music when using Virtual DJ Pro, helping you to step by step know how to use the utility most effectively.

Simple music mixing with Virtual DJ Pro

Step 1: After Install Virtual DJ Pro, open the utility and select an Audio file you want to Mix

Mix music with Virtual DJ Pro

Step 2: Click Play to play Audio file and adjust Volume if you want.

Virtual DJ Pro

Step 3: Listen to the desired music Mix, flexible use of functions Mixer with 3 main modes are High, Medium and Low. You can adjust one of these 3 modes in the music you want.

Step 4: Can adjust audio playback speed. 3 audio channels available

Channel 1: Slow speed
Channel 2: Medium speed
Channel 3: High speed

Also adjust the sound wave graph by holding the mouse on the control bar

Step 5: Switch to mode Effect to add sound effects.

Virtual DJ Pro has built-in effects specifically for audio, Video effects, because we are performing on Audio files, so select the mode Sound Effects

You can change the playback speed as well as the settings available with the effects.

A complete Mix song must have a reasonable Volume meaning not too big or not too small. You can add sound effects and adjust them appropriately, so remember not every new effect is good, sometimes with just one or two effects you have created yourself a complete music score. perfect.

In addition to Virtual DJ Pro, you can download additional music mixing software at betdownload.com.


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