Mobile Alliance – Top of the Fallen Army once dominated the arena

The Fallen Force in Mobile Union is one of the forces mentioned quite a lot in the game. This is still considered as the dark force that makes the gaming community either disgusted or indignant in the arena of Lien Lien Mobile.

Have you used champions or faced to fight with the generals in the Fallen Army of Mobile Union? Surely you have caused a lot of discomfort or “stone” pretty much from the generals of the Fallen Force?

1. General Taara

Taara became stronger from the Assassin Era in Mobile Alliance

It was not right from the beginning that Taara received compliments from the generals playing League of Mobile. Taara has no damage, no good control effect, possessing a tremendous amount of stamina does not bring any value. Many people consider this female general created just to “make a scene”.

From the Mobile Assassin era when General Taara made certain adjustments, the player could feel the power change significantly from this character. Taara has a good solo ability in King Kong. Many Taiwanese teams use Taara as a trump card at major tournaments with the ability to block soldiers on all three lanes.

2. General Nakroth

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Nakroth – a champion that never runs out of time

Nakroth will be the name we mention next in the Fallen Force of the Mobile Union when all the elements are converged. Although no longer maintain the status of a unique forest god as before but no one dared to underestimate the power of Nakroth. Despite the emerging and constantly emerging champions like Zuka, Airi, Murad …, Nakroth is so leisurely, one of the top priority choices for most teams. like multiplayer for League of Legends matches.

3. General Maloch

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Did Maloch keep his form in the Fallen Army?

Demon Lord Maloch is also one of the typical generals of the Fallen Forces in the Mobile Union. Having many similarities with Nakroth, Maloch is the model that never seems to end the season. Maloch’s fighting style in the Mobile Alliance is extremely leisurely when Maloch almost never loses any champion. The Fallen Army was partly known by Maloch.

Perhaps the Fallen Army is still quite a lot more but these are the most typical faces, the most “scrutinized” in the Union. You can see more How to play Mobile Union on PC that we have introduced. A lot of good tips on playing Union Mobile on PC will be helpful to you in the process of that experience. Playing Lien Lien Mobile on the computer is a superiority in the ability to manipulate and save energy.

Liên Liên Mobile supports Android, iPhone, you can easily play Liên Liên mobile on iPhone, Samsung S9, Oppo, how to install and play Liên Liên Mobile on your phone is much simpler than your computer. Good luck!


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