Mock-up Bringing money home for mom – Black Vau

The MV “Bringing money home” is a new song by Den Vau and Nguyen Thao on the topic of maternal love, which is meaningful and close in everyday life. The simple images and lyrics of the MV are extremely suitable during the last days of the year.

It is known that the male rapper took 4 years to compose the song “Bringing money to mom”. During the first 3 years, the male rapper only had titles and sporadic rap verses. And in 2021, Black will really find inspiration to complete this meaningful work.

After only a few hours of release, the MV “Bringing money home” reached the Top 1 trending YouTube. Immediately, the excellent rap verses in the song and the images in the MV were used by netizens to produce a series of interesting and funny memes.

Bring money home for mom

The most “permeable” rap verses in “Bring money to your mother” by Black Vau

  • Bring money back to your mother, don’t bring your troubles back.
  • The most delicious food in the world is the rice in the wood stove that mother cooks in a cast iron pan.
  • When he was born, he was a man and woman, and when he returned home, he was a good child.
  • Your money doesn’t need to be washed, it just stinks of sweat.
  • I want to hear my mother scolding me every day so that I can see that I am still not wise.
  • Don’t do bad things, it will set a “precedent”. Take good money, don’t take “currency” money.
  • Fortunately, my parents are poor, let me know that making money is difficult.

Meme Bringing money home for mom

Please refer to “Den Vau’s best rap verses”.


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