Mozilla Firefox supports the Lazy Loading feature of Chrome

Mozilla Firefox is adding support for the “genuine” Google Chrome Image Lazy Loading feature, and it is currently available for testing in the Firefox Nightly build.

Image Lazy Loading is a technique to optimize website performance, causing the browser to load only images that are currently displayed or about to display on the screen. This increases performance because Browser will only download and display images as needed instead of downloading them all at once.

Mozilla Firefox supports the Lazy Loading feature of Chrome

Traditionally, the developer would add the Lazy Loading feature to a website through third-party JavaScript libraries, but with the release of Chrome 76, Google added it as a native feature to Google’s browser. yourself. To use this feature, developers simply need to add properties loading = “lazy” Click on the HTML IMG tags as shown below:

mozilla firefox or support lazy loading lazy chrome 2

Lazy Loading feature in Firefox Nightly

The Lazy Loading feature is now available in the latest version of Firefox Nightly, and users can download and install it by following the link below:
Download the latest Firefox Nightly here: Download Firefox Nightly

In the current build of Firefox 75 Nightly, Mozilla has added an option about: config called “dom.image-lazy-loading.enabled”, which allows you to enable Lazy Loading in the browser.

To test this feature, simply open the Firefox development tool, click on the tab Network and then visit the site lazy loading demo.

mozilla firefox or lazy lazy loading program chrome 3

When you load the page for the first time, you will see that Firefox only downloads the sources and images needed to display images that are viewable in the browser. As you scroll down, the developer console will show that Firefox downloads more images as they almost display all in the browser.
With the two largest browser developers supporting Lazy Loading directly in the browser, a JavaScript library needed to maintain and download from web pages will be removed.


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