MSI: DDR5 will cost “super expensive”, 50-60% more than the price of DDR4

With Intel’s Alder Lake-S processor platform coming soon, the market for DDR5 memory in the near future is forecasted to be very exciting with a series of notable products from many different manufacturers.

However, as is always the case with any new generation technology product, the price when new at launch is generally more expensive than the old standard. The same goes for DDR5. If you are looking forward to the arrival of DDR5, but have a tight budget, you may have to “postpone that happiness”, because the price of this memory line will be much higher than DDR4 .

According to MSI, DDR5 DRAM models will generally be significantly more expensive than DDR4 at the time of launch. This is because DDR5 will come with a host of modern, manufacturing-intensive technologies such as on-chip power management integrated circuits (PMICs) and instant error correction codes (ODECC). All of this drives up production costs, leading to expected selling prices for DDR5 models that can be up to 50 – 60% higher than DDR4 at launch.

“Traditionally, newer memory technology has always cost 30-40% more than the previous generation. However, in the case of DDR5, the range of additional components and technologies has significantly increased production costs. As a result, we think the overall selling price of DDR5 memory will be 50-60% higher than DDR4, at least at launch.

Typically, it takes about 2 years for a new memory standard to reach the same price point as previous generations. And we expect the same trend to follow for DDR5 modules.”

It should be noted that MSI makes absolutely no mention of the terrible chip shortage that is taking place globally. What could make the price for the upcoming DDR5 DRAM even more expensive than MSI predicts.

Perhaps Intel foresaw this situation and therefore designed Alder Lake to work with both DDR5 and DDR4. From the leaked benchmark results, the performance of Alder Lake-S with DDR4 is quite good and the platform seems to work very well with DDR5 memory as well.

MSI also announced it will offer DDR5 support on its motherboards soon, and is stepping up close cooperation with major memory vendors. With the highlight of the exclusive Memory Boost technology, the company is confident to achieve much success in the near future.


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