Named in Mario, game practice typing 10 fingers Mario

Named in Mario, game practice typing 10 fingers Mario

Naming in Mario is the first step you must do if you want to practice typing 10 fingers in the game Mario. How to make naming in Mario is relatively simple, follow the instructions below to know how to name in the game of typing 10 fingers Mario offline.

To name in the game of typing Mario, you can use the mouse to do this trick, or use the shortcut Mario. How to name with shortcut Mario helps you do not need to manipulate the mouse. Moreover, Mario shortcuts are very few, so users will not spend much time to memorize and use. After completing the Mario keyboard shortcuts, you should see the following operation to name the character Mario in the practice game of typing 10 fingers.

Named in game practice typing 10 fingers Mario

Note: Refer to the way install the Mario game on his computer.

Step 1: To name in the game Mario. The first step is to quickly select the key W, or click Student> New.

Step 2: In this step you create your own Mario character name. Then press Enter.

Name in the game mario

Step 3: Choose the character you want, can choose red Mario, blue Mario, princess. Then press again Enter.

Name in the game mario

Step 4: Then Mario switches back to the original interface. Press next to start practicing.

Name in the game mario

Step 5: Press the required Mario key to overcome the obstacles. Pay attention to the correct finger typing required.

Name in the game mario

Step 6: After finishing the typing process, there will be information about the number of keys typed correctly and incorrectly typed so that the user can make further progress.

Name in the game mario

Above gave detailed instructions on naming in Mario and playing Mario games as well as practice typing with 10 fingers with this software.

Another software that features such as 10-finger typing is Mario Typing Trainer. However, on Typing Trainer software you can only practice typing 10 fingers with the virtual keyboard is quite boring. As for Mario, learners can choose 10-finger typing practice mode to learn in many different ways. Moreover, Mario also combines the Mario game, you can just play the game and you can learn to type 10 fingers correctly in the game.

After naming Mario in 10-finger typing practice game. You can choose to continue practice typing mode with 10 fingers in Mario. In the game Mario practice typing, there are many modes to practice typing so that users can manipulate. These modes correspond to each group of keys and corresponding fingers for typing, you need to learn enough modes to improve your 10-finger typing skill.
You can name your character to help practice typing Vietnamese become less boring, with many good character names that Taimienphi has shared, hope you will find a unique name for yourself.


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